AS220 Industries Open House

October 7, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
AS220 Industries
Lucie Way
Providence, RI 02903
Beth Brandon
(401) 831-9327


Darkroom Entrance

Tuesday, October 7, 6-8pm

Interested in learning more about AS220 Industries? Maybe you’re a new member looking to get oriented to the space? Please join us for our monthly Open House on Tuesday, October 7  from 6-8pm. Staff and members will be demoing the many resources available here including the laser cutter, CNC router, letterpress, offset press, screen printing and more.

And make sure to stick around for this month’s Media Arts Lecture Series with Denny Moers starting at 7:30pm in the media lab. RSVP on Facebook hereDenny Moers’ photographic landscapes are lyrical and surreal translations of the visual world. Moers shoots on black and white film and works with the traditional silver chloride print, yet with the selective use of light and toners during the printing process, he creates a wide array of hues such as subtle reds and velvety deep blues. The final result of this process is that his photographs look hand colored, yet what we see is the result of a chemical reaction. 

Location & Parking

AS220 Industries is located at the Mercantile at 131 Washington Street PROVIDENCE RI, 1st floor. The entrance is located at the back of the building on Lucie Way and on-street parking is free after 6pm.