AS220 Galleries Artist Talk with Richard Goulis and James Shelton

AS220 Galleries is excited to announce an Artist Talk with current exhibiting artists Richard Goulis and James Shelton. The Artist Talk will take place Saturday November 23rd 3-5pm at the AS220 Project Space Gallery (93 Mathewson St).

James Shelton is a native of Providence who studied art and anthropology at Rhode Island College and the University of Southern California.  He has shown his work at AS220 as well as other galleries in Providence, New York and Portland, Oregon. He went to acupuncture school in Portland, Oregon at POCA Technical Institute, the 1st school for community acupuncture in the United States.  After two years at Providence Community Acupuncture, James is starting his own (Liberation) acupuncture practice. He is also a multi disciplinary artist, having worked in theater, film and dance.

 “Liberation Acupuncture is a conceptual framework for acupuncture that affirms that individual health and disease do not exist, and cannot be understood or addressed, apart from social conditions – particularly injustice, inequality, and the pervasive influence of traumatic stress.” – Words by the artist

Richard Goulis is a multi-media artist who came to Providence, RI to attend RISD. He is a recipient of the RISCA Fellowship for New Genres and numbers RISCA project grants, as well as research and development grants from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. His performance work has been seen at festivals around the world and his video pieces are in the collection of the RISD Museum, Corning Museum of Glass and many private collections. Through his video work on the NetWorks series , he has showcased the work of selected artists in Rhode Island. He is the founding Artist Director of The Worcester Artist Group, in Worcester, MA and was the Founding Artistic Director of the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM.

“My artistic output runs the gamut from performance art, improvisational comedy and puppetry to sculpture, painting, installation and video. A vein of risk and unpredictability runs through much of what I do: not knowing whats going ton happen is disconcerting to people to varying degrees, and I’ve always felt compelled to explore and play with that, especially in my performance works.” – Words by the artist