An Artist Named Flizz – AS220 Streaming Session

May 20, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

What is a “FLIZZ”?!? .. Follow the question with another and ask, What is an artist? … An Artist Named Flizz is a multiple award winning artist as a member of the New England group named “WHO DEM?. Also a music producer & song writer for WolfMan Productions. He is an idea all thrown together like a musical Frankenstein monster. The son of a lyrical singing father and soul music loving mother. The father of dancing daughter and a melodic son. Lover of music that touches the heart and inspires listeners. A 20 year community leader and voice for the inner city. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University. Flizz is a feeling of life in the moment and transformed into melodic poetry over instrumentation. His roots dig deep in the soil of South Providence RI. where he has experienced the greatest happiness along with heartache and sadness. An upbringing filled with lessons from love as well as violence. Having a love for ALL music and using it as an outlet he found a deep connection to hip hop, but loved to blend with multiple other genres. While a lot of his contemporaries use music as a tool to assimilate and others are entrenched in the original hip hop sound of days past. Flizz keeps the promise of being 100 percent himself and true to a making a feeling in songs. He is not REAL but he is ACTUAL. He is not reality television but ACTUAL VISION. An artist paints pictures and each bar is a brush stroke. Each production pattern is a urban renaissance composition. Flizz is an artist and The Artists Name is FLIZZ.

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