2022 ARS NECRONOMICA Exhibition Opening Reception

The Opening Reception will take place at the AS220 ABORN Gallery from 6pm-8pm. Masks are encouraged but not required. Contact Neal@as220.org for inquiries, to schedule an appointment and/or a tour.
The newest incarnation of the Ars Necronomica exhibit features a small, select collection of creative talent, combining the works of both invited artists and artists from within the NecronomiCon team and family. This work expands upon the already fantastical works of previous years, and further helps to define the Weird as an artform of remarkably imaginative visual power. We hope you find inspiration as you enter and explore our carefully assembled exhibit, to emerge changed and dazzled, and to see anew the city and the cosmos that wheel above us all. While curtailed in scope from previous years, we expect this show to be as powerful and rewarding as any previous.
2022 Artist Guest of Honor: Santiago Caruso of Argentina
2022 Featured artists: Jeanne D’Angelo, Ana Armengod, Jen Baker, Rodger Binyone, Alan Brown, Michael Bukowski, Joe Broers, Kristina Carroll, Victoria Dalpe, Rain Delmar, Tanya Finder, Marcelo Gallegos (posthumously), Jay Gidwitz, Nick Gucker, Maegan LeMay, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Matthew Jaffe, Justine Jones, Ryan Lesser, Jason McKittrick, Gage Prentiss, Reiko Murikami Rice, Renata Rojo, Tia Roxae, Yves Tourigny, Josh Yelle, and more to be announced.