Sunday, May 19th



Doble Filo, or “double-edged” in English, are described as “experimental hip-hop with a feel-good vibe”. Members rap over a backdrop that shifts from drum and bass to techno. They have been compared to Dilated Peoples, and The Amorphous. Despite their hip-hop orientation, Doble Filo’s fan base is not limited to a hip-hop audience. Although not all members originate from the Alamar area of Havana, the epicentre of Cuban hip-hop, their presence there is significant. The group shares credit with fellow Cuban hip-hop pioneers Obsesion for starting the multidisciplinary art collective La Fabrik.

They won the grand prize at the 1996 Alamar Rap Festival, after which they decided to make Alamar their headquarters. Many of their songs are composed in an Alamar building called “Laboratorio 675”. Through its music, Doble Filo also aims to improve social conditions by encouraging listeners to find themselves. The members veer away from lyrics that advocate violence or belittle women. Their main philosophy is avoiding negativity.

Also appearing: Medusah Black and PappyK.

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