December Gallery Shows, Artist Talk & WorkShop!

AS220 Galleries ends 2014 with an explosion of art and creativity from Rhode Island artists. In the Main Gallery John Kotula and friends contemplate the great long winter in 100 Ways An Old Artists Can Die. John and poet Kim Baker  will be hosting an artist talk and  a writing workshop based on works of art on Wednesday December 17th, from 5-7 p.m. At the Project Space Julia Gandrud celebrates the whimsical diversity of life and Michelle Benoit’s color filled paintings are the promised light of a new year reborn. And As220 is pleased to announce the inaugural show by Carl Dunn in our newest exhibition space at 95 Empire St. Psychic Annex | Aborn Gallery!



IN THE GALLERIES | December 6-27, 2014
opening reception December 6th, 5-7 p.m.

@ 93 Mathewson St.
AS220 Project Space
Where Are We Going?
New Work by Julia Gandrud

The Reading Room
Willard St.
New Paintings by Michelle Benoit

@ 115 Empire St.
AS220 Main Gallery
100 Ways an Old Artist Can Die
John Kotula & Pop Icon, Munko McFunko, Wayne Quackenbush, Casey Weibust, Raymond Beausejour, Mariellen Dodge, Davey Langworthy, Debby Drew, Ariel Rose Bodman, Amber Kelley Collins, Janice Bray, Jesse Golding, Greg Barnes, Jill McLaughlin, Peter Harvey, Ricky Gagnon, Em Flynn, Natalie Squillante, Stephen Brownell and others.

@95 Empire St. fl. 2
Chairs, Drawings and Posters by Carl Dunn

@131 Washington St.

AS220 Resident Gallery
New work by Erick Armbrust and Jason Curzake

JohnKotula_chest, hands, heart                                                                                         John Kotula, 100 Ways An Old Artist Can Die, collograph on paper

Artist’s Talk and Ekphrasis Workshop in Conjunction with
100 Ways An Old Artist Can Die
AS220, Main Gallery
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
5:00 to 7:00 PM

John Kotula will be discussing the concept and presentation of his exhibit and reflecting on some of the artwork. This will be followed by a writing workshop conducted by Kim Baker.

Have you ever stood in front of a work of art and pondered the story being told on canvas and unfolding just off canvas? Would you like to attempt to write about what you see and what you don’t see?

In this workshop, we will discuss an ancient poetic form called ekphrasis, or writing inspired by art.  Using AS220’s exhibit 100 Ways an Old Artist Can Die, we will examine various pieces in the show and then talk together about our interpretations of the story in what we see.  Then, we will create our own stories about what we see and share those stories with each other as you feel comfortable.   This workshop welcomes anyone who wants to look at art together and learn to tell the stories of it in poetry. Prose writers, journal writers, bloggers, and non- writers are also welcomed.

        The artist’s talk and the workshop are free and open to the public.