Dear Friends of AS220.

Dear Friends of AS220.

14266978599_5f198dda44_zIm not going to tell you about all of the amazing events and programs that AS220 hosts and presents on a daily basis.  Im notgoing to tell you about the key role that AS220 has played in the revitalization of downtown Providence over the last 30 years.  Im also not going to tell you that, despite our best efforts, we have not yet identified all of the funds to close our $200,000 budget gap for our fiscal year ending on June 30th, 2015.

I am going to tell you this though: While, as AS220’s Managing Director, my job is to oversee the operations of the organization, Iself-define my role more as a steward to the cause and a facilitator of this grand performance art piece, of which we are all a part.  As part of this grand artwork, you, both locally and globally, are collectively helping to achieve our vision.

AS220 envisions a just world where all people can realize their full creative potential 

As this year draws to a close, we look forward to 2015 with excitement and vigor.

Please consider a donation to help further the causeWe are AS220.

With deep appreciation and gratitude,
Aaron Peterman
Managing Director
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