Dance is back at AS220!

Have you missed the AS220 Dance Studio? Well, great news, dance is back! Assi Coulibaly, Dance Studio Coordinator, has been working super hard to reopen this much-loved program, so endless thanks to her for her labor and efforts. Current offerings are listed below, with links to sign up!

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Open-Level Movement Fundamentals (dancing) with Katie McNamara – Thursdays at 6:30 PM

Open-Level Movement Fundamentals is based on much of the somatic work that became fundamental in dance education i.e. Pilates, Yoga, Laban Movement Analysis, Irene Dowd, BMC and Alexander Technique. Students can expect a warm up that really prepares and stimulates the body to be ready to move, movement progressions that offer a layering or cumulative practice and a sensible piece of working at your own pace, and relishing the joys of movement!

Vinyasa Yoga with Tommi Littlewood – Thursdays at 4 PM or Sundays at 12:30 PM

Vinyasa Yoga was traditionally taught to prepare the body for meditation, which we will touch on. Students can expect a strong guided flow.

Intermediate / Advanced Ballet with Stephanie Albanese – Sundays at 10:30 AMIn this class we will focus on learning and understanding the rudiments of ballet – line and placement, while also learning musical phrasing of the ballet combinations that are given in class. This class is centered towards an advanced/intermediate level. This means to get the full benefit of the class, two to three years of prior ballet experience will be needed. Open to all ages.

Modern African Dance with Mekbul J Tahir – Fridays at 6:30 PM

The technique Acogny is the only recognized contemporary dance technique created in Africa, by Germaine Acogny, the mother of African contemporary dance. It is based on traditional African dance (specially Senegal and Benin) and Western dance techniques (classical ballet, release- and Graham technique). Joy, play, love and music are the fundamentals of the spirit of the technique. Students can expect the joy of being yourself and experiencing a culture from a different part of the world.

Building the Sensational Body with Olase Freeman – Saturdays at 10 AM

Building the Sensational Body is based in Black postmodernism (reclaimed modern dance). Students can expect a merging of the technical body with the sensational body. The development of articulate spines expressing their fullest Range Of Motion on the way towards a fully-inhabited kinesphere.

Intermediate Ballet with Nicole C. Laliberté – Tuesdays at 6 PM

Intermediate Level Ballet barre and center, taught from a contemporary standpoint, with attention to anatomical safety and awareness, and a nod to somatic practice. Emphasis will be on continued development of dynamic alignment, carriage of the arms, articulation of the feet and hips, increasing one’s repertoire of steps in various combinations, and knowledge of the ballet vocabulary. In this class we will explore and expand on beginning foundations, however, this class will not introduce those movements; previous experience is preferred.