This Thursday, April 20th, at 6:45 PM at Providence City Hall, please come out for a rally and press conference, and then head up to the third floor, where the full City Council will vote on the Community Safety Act. Please come out to show support if you are able!

8 out of 15 votes are needed to pass the CSA. If the ordinance receives 10 out of 15 then it can’t be vetoed by the Mayor.

After recent changes to the CSA, detailed briefly below, this is looking very promising, but several Councilors still need to be called and emailed to encourage them to vote “yes” (this list is roughly in order of how likely the councilors are to vote “yes”).

Seth Yurdin –
Sam Zurier –
Jo-Ann Ryan –
John Igliozzi –
David Salvatore –
Michael Correa –
Nicholas Narducci –
Ted Hassett –

City Council phone: 401-521-7477

Last night (April 17) the City Council Ordinance Committee voted unanimously to bring the CSA to a full vote at the City Council. This is a major victory, because this is the stage that the CSA has been held up at for the past two years.

The STEP UP Coalition met with Police Commissioner Steven Paré and several others last Friday, and then worked with City Council staff members and City Solicitor Jeffrey Dana over the weekend to make some last minute changes to the ordinance. These changes, in combination with the enormous public support shown at the public hearing and the dozens of institutions including AS220 that endorsed the CSA in the past few weeks, lead the Ordinance Committee to vote it out of committee.

There were about four changes to legal wording, and the removal of the section prohibiting pretext stops. The wording giving the right to trans individuals to choose the gender of the officer searching them was added back in. This stemmed from multiple people requesting this at the public hearing. Overall, the central components of the CSA remain very strong: Prohibiting racial profiling, reforming the gang database, officially making Providence a sanctuary city, and providing mechanisms for enforcement of the CSA.

Key points of the CSA in English and in Spanish. Full text of the CSA.