Today we had a visit from An Hai and You Jiang, who are conducting a research project with the RISD Museum as part of a fellowship program sponsored by the China National Art Fund. The fellowship cohort includes 27 other museum workers, all of whom split up into teams to visit various regions throughout the US over a one month period. Their research focuses exploring different museums’ curatorial approaches and educational offerings working toward building a strong community of artists. The fellows plan to combine their findings and publish a book.

AN (Andy) Hai, Director of Exhibition Department, Shanxi Folk Arts Museum
The Shanxi Folk Arts Museum, located in Taiyuan Confucius Temple built in 1882, is the biggest institute in Shanxi province with a focus on folk arts and artifacts collection, conservation, research, and exhibition. Among 100,000 cultural relics in the Museum’s collection, there are 5,000 artifacts reflecting local traditional folk culture.

Andy is a senior curator and has worked at the Museum since 1998. As an exhibition specialist, Andy’s responsibilities includes developing and displaying collections. He has curated several exhibitions regarding objects used daily.

In 2014, Andy curated an exhibition titled Shanxi Hand Paper Making Technique. This exhibition explored various hand paper-making methods preserved in Shanxi Province, including hemp paper making technique and mulberry paper making methods. The exhibit included many kinds of paper products used in people’s daily life and focused on materials, tools, methods, and products, along with information about the craftspeople and their living status. During last three years, this exhibition has been displayed at several universities.

YOU Jiang, Director of Public Education Department, Shenzhen Art Museum –

Shenzhen Art Museum, in the Shenzhen Reservoir Scenic Area of East Lake Park in Luohu District, was founded in 1976. The Museum is located close to Hong Kong and Macao. The Museum’s focus is on “contemporary urban and domestic art” and plans an annual China Contemporary Art Thematic Exhibition and Shenzhen Local Art Thematic Exhibition.

As the Director of Public Education, Jiang works on art theory research, art criticism, academic data editing, and exhibition planning work.