Can We Talk About It? AS220 March Resident Gallery Exhibit

Can We Talk About It? AS220 March Resident Gallery Exhibit


CAN we talk about it? Can WE talk about it? Can we TALK about it? Can we talk ABOUT it? Can we talk about IT?

Yes, we can. AS220 residents respond and question current political events and how we got here. How are we to think through this moment that is an inheritance of an American political legacy that left and the right is complicit in? How can we examine our current state that is a long culmination of history that finds us all complicit?

It’s become apparent to many of us that there is a lot to be understood about our fellow Americans. How do we confront and navigate our discomfort to breach these important questions? Rather than deepening stances, the works we have created are our personal encounters or connections to the issues that we feel need to be addressed, an attempt to share honestly our deepest doubts and uncertainties in this time. These works are NOT trying to make any particular collective statement, nor are they meant to be partisan. They are individual offerings saying “this is how I’m going to create the country i’d like to see.”

Come join the conversation!


Ryan Dean
Sarina Mitchel
Julia Gualtieri
Will Ware
Richer Giasson
April Gramolini
Rosemary Marchetta
Benjamin Lundberg
John O’Keefe
Linda Ford
Francoise McAree
Alyssa Coffin