Troll 2, Nobody’s Boyscout, Consuelo’s Revenge @ Psychic Readings
Dec 1 @ 9:30 pm – Dec 2 @ 1:30 am
Sick bands playing sick music!
Doors @ 9:30
$6 Bucks

Nobody’s Boyscout

Nobody’s Boyscout is a folk, americana, indie rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. Born and raised from the depths of Madcap Mondays.

Troll 2

Hello, we are Troll 2. We are a group of songwriters from Boston Massachusetts. We play Folk music very loudly, and then someone falls down.

Consuelo’s Revenge

We are the sound that the midnight storm makes outside your door when you’re alone and you’ve had one too many glasses of bourbon.
Consuelo is the invisible cog in the machine, the water in the well, the last one left after the lights have gone out and the first one to see the sunrise. And these are her songs.