Over the past 30 years, AS220 has been built and maintained by committed volunteers who are passionate about creating an inclusive, unjuried space for artists. Now we need to build a space online to promote and extend access to AS220’s innovative community and programs.

AS220 is now engaging in a process to build our website yet – with the support of knowledgeable volunteers who bring years of experience in the tech industry.

Want to join the cause?

Come to 115 Empire Street this Wednesday, October 28th, for a tour of AS220’s campus, a developer orientation to find out more about our website plan, and to meet other like-minded people! We’re looking for developers, site builders, testers, and content strategists. Experience with Drupal is preferred, but not necessary. AS220’s bar and restaurant will open at 5pm, so feel free to grab a drink and / or a plate, too!

Want to be involved but can’t make it? Get in touch with us and we’ll steer you the right way!