Brighter Worlds Student Application

Popular young adult novels and films like Hunger Games, Divergent and the Giver provide their own visions of what the future could be: a dark world full of violence, poverty and oppression. However, that does not have to be what our future will look like.

AS220 is seeking 5 young people, ages 15-18, to participate in Brighter Worlds, a digital exchange with youth from IZOLYATSIA in Kyiv, Ukraine to explore science fiction novels, films, graphic novels and more to find evidence of their experiences, to inspire them to create virtual environments where their voices are heard. Where power belongs to them.

Participants will explore current films, novels, comics, etc to learn about and express thoughts on meaningful issues, gain knowledge and experience in web design, printmaking, programming, blog posting, graphic design, infographics, data visualization, video production and encoding. See below for the tentative program timeline:

March – June 2016: Meet at AS220’s Media Lab, on Saturdays to talk about topics in some of the most popular films and novels of right now, spend time getting to know youth in Kyiv, Ukraine through Skype Discussions, and conceptualize projects that matter to you!

April 2016: Engage in a week-long printmaking exchange with Instructors from IZOLYATSIA, to create posters and promotional materials for an end-of-program exhibition and party!

June: Complete projects and bring your imagination to life! Participants will engage in a 2 week making “camp”.

July: Show off and talk about your work! Attend an exhibition at AS220 that’s all about your projects!

Throughout the program, participants will go on 1-2 awesome field trips to institutions/organizations that are relevant to the program.

Brighter Worlds is the perfect opportunity for young, creative minds eager to share their skills and learn new ways of expressing themselves. Whether you are interested in art, design, computer programming, video production, or game design, you will be empowered to develop your talent and learn new ways to build the future you want.

All program participants will receive a $100 cash stipend at the completion of the program! We look forward to hearing from you!

Brighter Worlds Student Application