Brian Lavall returns to the Flat-File Project with new photographs!

Brian Lavall returns to the Flat-File Project with new photographs!

AS220 Galleries is excited to announce that PVD based Photographer Brian Lavall has submitted new artwork to the AS220 Flat-File Project ! To view all of Lavall’s new artwork, visit our art and editions website.

“I’m excited to showcase these new prints in the AS220 Flat Files Project. These five photographs are a few of my favorites from the last year that I’ve taken in Providence and the surrounding area.” – Words Curtesy of the artist


“After being thrilled with the results of “Storms over Point Street,” I decided to head back over to the Point Street area to capture Providence’s 4th of July fireworks over the harbor.  Initially, I set up on the Point Street bridge with the plan to shoot the fireworks over the Iway bridge and boats docked in front of the Hot Club.  About 10 minutes through the fireworks display, I decided I’d risk it and move to see if I could capture the fireworks over the Point Street bridge too.  After scrambling across the road and getting my gear set up, I was able to get a few more shots in just before the grand finale.  This single 15-second long exposure ended up being my favorite by far.  I love how the colors and tones of the firework trails match the bridge, and the light trails from the traffic driving over the bridge ties it all together perfectly.”



“This past spring, I met up with some friends on a Saturday afternoon for some city shooting in Providence, and we ended up down by the river off of South Water Street.  The sky and weather conditions turned out perfect, with just enough wind and clouds for some daytime long exposures.  Using a 10-stop neutral density filter and an exposure time around thirty seconds, I was able to capture the wind-blown clouds and water.  Somehow, these geese managed to pose the entire time!”



“I think most people in New England say Fall is their favorite season, and I’m no exception.  Last Fall we lucked out weather-wise and were treated to one of the best foliage seasons I can remember in a long time.  On the afternoon of October 29th, I went over to Hunts Mills along the Ten Mile River in East Providence.  Using a neutral density filter, I was able to slow down the exposure just enough to capture the motion of the water without losing the ripples and cascades of the rushing river just below Hunts Mills Falls.  The resulting photograph ended up being my favorite from the entire Fall of 2018.”


Thanks again to AS220 for the opportunity to showcase my photos!  Follow me on Instagram (@blavall) to see more of my latest work, and stay tuned for information about my gallery exhibition at AS220 in Summer 2020! – Words Curtesy of the Artist