Black is the New Black, Etching at AS220

Sculpture, drawing, painting, and a dash of alchemy… with its fine line quality and rich, dense blacks, etching is the perfect way to create stunning multiples of your drawings. ┬áCome learn the process of drawing in copper, etching the lines, inking a plate, and making impressions on cotton paper at the AS220 Printshop. Our Introduction to Intaglio class is running on Thursday, April, the 11th, 18th and 25th with Instructor Coral Woodbury.


This is an introductory class appropriate for students of all backgrounds and experiences. Above is an image by past Keymember Jesen Tanadi. On the left is sketch that he made, and on the right, the drawing translated into an etching.

In this class basic mark making skills as well as the techniques and processes of an etching press will be taught. Participants will use traditional etching grounds and resists to etch copper plates in a Ferric Chloride solution. Different ways of etching your image into your plate will be covered.

We will also cover ink mixing, application, plate preparation, wiping, as well as paper tearing and registration. Student’s particular interests will determine the direction of the demonstrations, and there will be time for each participant to work on individual projects.

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