Banzai! Anime as Exorcism – Media Arts Lecture Series: Shey Rivera


Japan is the only country in the world that faced obliteration through atomic warfare. Media and film played a crucial role in the exorcism of post-war cultural trauma in a country that was once an imperial power. This Media Arts Lecture will explore the sociocultural role of animation in Japan , with a focus on the post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk world-view created in the 70s and 80s, during Japan’s high-speed economic boom.  We will peek at the iconography of destruction, mutation and technological mediation through the lens of animated story telling.

The talk is on Tuesday, April 2 and begins at 7:30pm at AS220 Media Arts at 131 Washington Street, entrance on Lucie Way.

Shey completed a BA with double major in Psychology and Sociology in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, and coursed graduate studies in Contemporary Media and Culture.  She is also the founder of .CRUDO, an independent arts and culture digital magazine. Shey specializes in arts management, Japanese visual culture, gender studies and media theory

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