AS220 Youth Presents Futureworlds: 'On The Flipside'

AS220 Youth Presents Futureworlds: ‘On The Flipside’

Come Check out the AS220 Youth Album Release Party for our Futureworlds Project ‘On The Flipside.’

The youth have been working really hard to put together some amazing music that explore the Multiple sides to many stories. Our theme for this years album was Dismantling the White Supremacist Symptom ‘Worship of Written Word,’ which is essentially the belief that there is only one right way to do things. Youth were given one word prompts such as ‘fear,’ or ‘Anger’ and were tasked with researching and writing about those words from both their own point of view, and those views of the people around them.

They were challenged to view the world through the lenses of others, while bringing in their own ideas and perspectives to write and create lyrics and instrumentations that change how they view the world.

Our Youth are proud of the work they’ve accomplished over the last year, and we’re proud of their growth as well.

So stop by the AS220 Main Stage on Friday, June 17th 2022 from 6pm – 8pm and check out our last show for the Spring session. We Promise, you won’t be disappointed.