AS220 Youth at PVD Loop Fest

AS220 Youth at PVD Loop Fest

Zu-Krewe performance team performed at the first ever PVD Loop Fest. The festival is for music producers who use looping as part of their performance technique. They invited performers from all over the U.S. and it was the first time the Fest was held in Providence, RI. For those of you who don’t know what looped-based music is, its when you create a musical piece from scratch, live and on the spot. There are no pre-recorded samples or riffs.

KGR (Kevin Rodriguez) did an amazing job sequencing and finger-drumming. Manami (Shara Braxton) was freestyling and totally killing it !! We invited Radimus, a local MC to come and jump in on the cypher. The combination of beats and rhymes was so dope!! Some student went into this event not knowing what to expect. Some didn’t think they would fit into the scene. After we finish the event, I could see the excitement in their eyes. They were totally invested and asked if we could do it again in the future. We will definitely be at next PVD Loop fest! Thanks so much to Laurie Amat for inviting us. We had an experience we will never forget!

Yours in the cause,

Joshua Padilla // AS220 Youth Audio-Engineer, Producer, MC


Here is the live link, although the sound is not comparable to the live performance.