AS220 Youth at Community Safety Act rally

AS220 Youth at Community Safety Act rally

On Thursday, July 21st, AS220 Youth took to the streets of PVD once again to stand with the rest of the country during yesterday’s “Day of Action”, called for by the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. We rallied, sang and marched through Providence City Hall and to the Providence Police Department.

Check out the photo and video coverage from RI Futures HERE

“This was my first rally” said Gina Harrison, an AS220 Youth member. Gina expressed her excitement to be part of something so important. “This is how AS220 Youth gets down!”.

Gina along with almost 30 other youth members and staff joined the hundreds at the rally to advocate for the Community Safety Act: an ordinance that will raise the level of accountability for police officers in Providence.

Thus far, AS220 Youth has not been apart of CSA but plans to meet with Providence Student Union, Providence Youth Student Movement, and other civil and human rights organizations this summer to figure out how we can help.

Our upcoming hip hop theater production #‎FutureworldsUprising sheds light on many of the issues that our fellow PVD organizations are fighting to change. It would be great to have youth from our programs collaborate in the the near future. Check out these photos taken by our very own John Bhogal (photos 1-6) and Anjel Newmann (photos 7-12).