AS220 Printshop Members win RISD Museum Competition

We are proud to announce the results of the 1st Annual Members Print Competition, open to members of the AS220 Printshop, funded by the Artists Development Fund of The Rhode Island Foundation, and hosted by the RISD Museum. This was an opportunity to have a piece produced at the AS220 Printshop become part of a nationally recognized museum collection. In the first round, juror Andrew Raftery selected five prints, which were then submitted to juror Jan Howard who selected print #3 Division Street (pictured to the right) by Henry Brown to become a permanent part of the RISD Museum’s collection. Henry, also pictured showing Umberto Crenca the finer points of printing, will also donate a print from the same edition to the AS220 Printshop to become part of our permanent collection. Henry has been a Keymember at the Printshop since August of 2009. He also teaches his printmaking techniques in our Intermediate Silkscreen class, which will be running this May.

Purchase Prize Winner                      
Henry Brown shows Bert the finer points of printingHenry Brown#3 Division St.
Runners-up (listed in no particular order)
Allison BiancoThe Old Man of the Mountain
Maria DiFrancoRepresentations Lost

Emmy Bright, Walker Mettling
Speak not of luck my child, speak of Providence

Erik RuinDead Souls