AS220 Print Lottery!

AS220 is very excited to announce that tomorrow is the Lottery Night for the 2018 Print Lottery! The Lottery will take place at the AS220 Print Lottery Pop-Up Gallery (6pm-8pm) @ 233 Westminster St., Providence, RI.

Check out the work displayed at the Gallery HERE. 


There are 100 prints and 100 tickets and EVERY ticket is a WINNER! 

All 100 artworks being displayed and raffled have all been donated by AS220 Members, Staff, Affiliates and more to support AS220 and the Print Lottery event! The works span from 10 years ago to this year of 2018. 


Your contribution helps ensure that the AS220 community Printshop and Darkroom remain open, affordable, and accessible for all people to realize their full creative potential.


There are still Print Lottery tickets available for tomorrow’s Print Lottery event for those who are interested in purchasing a ticket and receive a print from the show! Click here to purchase a Print Lottery Ticket!

If you would like to support AS220 and this event but are un-able to purchase a ticket, please Donate to our online fundraiser on and receive some amazing LIMITED EDITION prints by artists Allison Bianco, Jacque Bidon, Allyson Church, Lizzy $our, DIABLO and DEADZEST.