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Theatre, Dance and Live Arts at AS220


Here at AS220, we see theatre, dance, music, fine art, installation art, video and new media work, not as separate disciplines but as in constant dialogue. Our performance opportunities and theatre/dance residences cover a wide range of theme and content, from traditional theatre to experimental performance art, dance, and interdisciplinary work.  In addition to our featured programming and residency programs, the Blackbox theatre also hosts one-night performance events, music shows, and 1-2 night presentations of work from touring groups.  If you are interested in booking one of these kinds of events please fill out a Live Arts online booking form.


Unjuried and Uncensored Theatre and Performance at AS220’s Blackbox:

In keeping with AS220’s mission to create a space where any and everyone in the state of Rhode Island has the opportunity to share work, AS220 offers a number of gateway events that allow performers to share their artistic projects. Although we will try to book anyone and everyone –  it’s hard to accommodate this demand.  Please give us multiple dates and times that you are available so that when you try to book a performance it is more likely we stage your work.


  1. Events for Nascent Performers: We have  Community Curators whose monthly events make space for new performers to try out work. The Providence Poetry Slam is the first and third Thursday of the month in our Main Stage and features an open mic.   If you just want to get your feet wet and share a true-life story in front of an audience, mosey over to Live Bait (all newcomers who want to tell a story can!).   Also, look out for a new, recurring Open Mic Night inspired event from AS220 in the fall of 2015!
  2. Works in Process Nights: AS220 hosts a semi-annual Dance Works in Process Showing for sharing new work in development. Our next show is in Fall 2016.  For more information, email   Also, starting in July 2015 will be our first evening of From Scratch: Theatre Works in Process. In each of these     events, performers/companies will be given 1-15 minutes to perform a new or in-process piece of work and will have time for audience feedback.


DSC_0191 (2)

AS220 currently has three different kinds of residency structures, two of which are new for the 2015-2016 Season.   For the first time in its’ history, AS220’s Blackbox will be home to three resident companies, each of whom will receive four weekends of performance space throughout the season.  Also new to Providence is AS220’s Community Live Arts Residency, a time intensive incubator-style residency in which teams of working artists are given six months of rehearsal space to create a new work while also completing a community based-arts project related to the content/theme of their work.  AS220 will also continue to provide 1-2 week production residencies for local and out-of-state companies to present new work on a rolling basis.


The deadline to apply for the Community Live Arts Residency is on a rolling basis. Production Residencies are ongoing. For more details, and to apply for residencies, please visit:, or contact


AS220 currently has three resident theatre companies for the 2015-2016 season as well as our first forthcoming Community Live Arts Residency Performance in 2016. For more information on how to apply for these programs, please check out our residencies page.




AS220’s Resident Companies for the 2015-2016 Season


Counterproductions Theatre Company

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Mission Statement and History

Counter-Productions Theatre Company presents a variety of theatrical productions (classic, contemporary, and new works) throughout the year. The company is dedicated to providing volunteer actors, directors, designers, and technicians an opportunity to practice their craft in a professional environment.

  Counter-Productions Theatre Company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts. We presented our first production, William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in May of 2007 at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. In October of 2007 we moved to the Piano Factory Theatre where we were residents for four years, producing five full length plays (Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, Glengarry Glen Ross, Psycho Beach Party, Twelve Angry Jurors, ART, and The House of Yes), two science fiction festivals (X Minus One and Journey To the Heart of X Minus One), and a new works festival (Tales From The Countertop). During this time, we were engaged by the Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center to tour three shows from Boston to Woonsocket, Rhode Island (The Mousetrap, Twelve Angry Jurors, and HAIR: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical).

In February of 2012, we decided to permanently move our work from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. We began by producing Cabaret: The Musical at the Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center. We then moved to the Artists’ Exchange in Cranston, producing two full length plays (LUV and Speed-The-Plow) and revisiting our science fiction festival (Return to Planet X Minus One). In 2013, we moved to 95 Empire at AS220 where we produced a new work (Nico Was a Fashion Model) and a popular comedy (Picasso at the Lapin Agile). We had great success with both, winning a number of Motif Awards for both productions (Best Production, Best Scenic Design, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Work). In 2014-2015 we presented three shows at 95 Empire/AS220 Blackbox (Atomic Bride of X Minus One, Topdog/Underdog, and William Shakespeare’s Richard III).


2015-2016 Season at AS220


Fall Reading Series:

America’s Favorite Pastime By Dennis Allen II – September 10th at 7:00pm

Le Dernier Repas (A Love Story) By David Eliet – October 4th at 7:00pm

Cats For Change And Other Charitable Causes By Diane Exavier – November 15th at 7:00pm


Winter Production:

Frost/Nixon By Peter Morgan – February 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th at 7:00pm and February 21st, 28th at 2:00pm


Spring Production:

Kill the Virgin By Kevin Broccoli – May 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st at 7:00pm and May 15th, 22nd 2:00pm



Manton Avenue Project

MAP Website:

MAP Twitter: @mantonave

MAP FB: TheMantonAvenueProject

MAP in the news:

MAP’s Mission Statement and History:


The Manton Avenue Project’s mission is to nurture the unique potential of young people living in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood, one of the city’s lowest income neighborhoods, by unleashing their creative voices and uniting them with professional artists to create original theater.

Through our long-term, after-school playmaking programs, The Manton Avenue Project (MAP) sparks an ever-expanding sense of possibility by building each child’s capacity for personal and academic success. MAP gives young people tools to become tomorrow’s creative thinkers and community leaders.

The Manton Avenue Project’s volunteer company of actors, designers, directors, dramaturges and classroom assistants come from a pool of incredibly talented volunteers who are involved in Providence’s lively performing arts community in many capacities, and work with other local groups like Elemental Theatre, Wilbury Group, Strange Attractor, PIG, Improv Jones, Gamm Theatre, and Trinity Repertory, to name a few.


2015-2016 Season at AS220

The Narragansett Bay Plays – December 3rd-6th, 2015

The Works Plays – March 10th-13th

The National Park Plays – May 3rd-6th

The Dialogue Plays in partnership with Strange Attractor – August 4-6




ROO Email:

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Mission Statement and History

Romp of Otters (ROO) is Brown University’s Graduate Theater Community. We are a fervent romp of actors, directors, playwrights and scholars. As part of the vibrant arts community here in Providence, ROO looks to create an expressive and unbounded space that runs out of the classroom and into the city: colliding, collaborating, and romping with local artists and audiences.

ROO is the voice in the back of your head that cries speak up!

ROO is…humans… in a room… for a while

ROO exalts original creation

ROO passes down the grand tradition of traditions that don’t exist

ROO is always playing.

ROO is always open.

ROO is housed by AS220 and lives at 95 Empire.


ROO Committee

Collective Producers- Caitlin O’Connell, Ashley Teague, Dan Ruppel

Venue Producers-Jake Loewenthal, Laura Payne

Line Producers- Tim Kopacz, Brad Wilson

Communications- Diane Exavier, Peter Martin, Maggie Mason


Launch Party for ROO at 95 Empire – September 7th at 7pm

ROO SWEEPS WEEK ONE – September 21st-27th (7 Days)

ROO SWEEPS WEEK TWO – December 13-18th (6 Days)





Community Live Arts Residency Spring 2016

Strange Attractor Theatre Company with Xander Marro, Kristen Volness, Jacob Richman, Carolyn Gennari



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Mission Statement and History

Strange Attractor formed in 2010, engaging new audiences with original, high-caliber, physically devised work in Providence, Juneau, and Philadelphia. We have created five full-length shows: 2010’s “Forward Operating Base” and “Special Happy”; 2011’s “If You Shoot A Boot, You Might Get Wet”; 2012’s “A Terrific Fire”; 2013’s “Enlightenment on E Floor North.” For the first AS220 Community Live Arts Residency, Strange Attractor teams up with video artist Xander Marrow and musician/composers Kirsten Volness and Jacob Richman and interdisciplinary artist/spirit guide Carolyn Gennari to create a new kind of theatrical experience.  Xander Marro (video artist, American b. 1975) has been living the good life in the feminist sub-underground for too many years to count on her long draws pictures (usually narrative), makes movies (usually not narrative), produces plays with elaborate sets and costumes (usually narrative, but confusing), and then makes stuff like quilts and dioramas (probably narrative?). Her work is often about spiritual relationships to the material stuff of this world. Jacob Richman (musician) and Kirsten Volness are mixed-media composers.. Jacob received his PhD in the MEME program at Brown University in May 2013. Kirsten holds composition degrees from the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota. Carolyn Gennari (spirit guide) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Providence, RI where Carolyn explores new ways to collaborate with communities through spectacle-led learning experiences.

Before We Begin will be a playful, personal, immersive theatrical experience designed to tour that examines preparation and human connection by guiding the audience through an acting class/lecture/ritual and asking them to slow down and really look at each other. Within this naive concept is an honest question: Would this be enough to heal everything that’s gone wrong or are we too far gone already?

The piece will feature two actors-creators: Jed Hancock-Brainerd and Rebecca Noon, real-life husband and wife as well as co-directors of Strange Attractor. Exploiting their real relationship, the drama of their real lives, and their innate pull towards the absurd, Before We Begin will bring audiences in close contact with each other, requiring everyone’s full participation The two actor/creators will work with live musicians, a video artist, and a spirit guide.

During the creation process the artists will volunteer with the Manton Avenue Project in conjunction with the show. Because the piece is about making real connection in an effort to heal the world, Strange Attractor will take over the summer 2016 playwriting cycle of MAP, dramaturging and directing one round of approximately eight plays. They will put an emphasis on creating work that requires audience engagement/participation and physical theatre devising skills, rather than their traditional model of written plays. This will offer the young playwrights at MAP new ideas about what plays can be and teach them immersive theatre techniques while assisting in one of Providence’s most innovative after-school programs for low-income youth.


Before We Begin

Works in Process Showing: April 16th. 2016

Performances: Thursday June 2nd-Sunday June 12th, 2016.