“I am driven by ideas. My passion belongs to creation. Words are the most economical medium. One can create a universe with words and never spend a penny. At the conception of every creation is a thought. I think in universes and like every poet I write with worlds.”

the vatic

The origins of Vatic are rooted in the weird earth of Florida. Vatic began creating raps in a town saturated with the residue of segregation. There were few venues available to rappers, however Vatic found ways to perform.

Vatic began honing his stage skills by featuring with Surfer bands and later forming his own band named Dark Citizen and the Undead Hip Hop. They entertained crowds for national acts such as Afroman and Current$y as well as international acts including Dam Funk and Diplo.

Since relocating to Providence Rhode Island in 2012, Vatic has become both a fan and a favorite, at Providence Poetry Slam. In both 2014 and 2015 Vatic represented Providence at the national poetry slam in Oakland, California.

In May 2015 Vatic gave a TEDx talk explaining Rap Slam and his vision for the next century of hip hop. Rap Slam is a hybrid of performance poetry and competitive rap.

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