Providence Poetry Slam

Welcome to the Providence Poetry Slam! Our shows are at AS220.

ProvSlam Community Values:

We are a community that values:

  • respect and safety for all who enter our space,
  • a diversity of voices,
  • courageous engagement with language and truth,
  • exposing silenced narratives, and
  • supporting one another along the way.

We expect that everyone here conducts their time on and off stage in a way that shows respect to these values and to all members of our community.


Kleo Sincere is a multimedia artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. She began her artistic career as a creative writer, & fell in love with the practice of storytelling, seeking to push the limits of the taboo and focusing on asking the questions that most seem uncomfortable to ask. She has carried it across many other mediums and disciplines such as poetry, screen printing, & photography.

As a poet, Kleo reigned as the ProvSlam Youth Grand Slam Champ from 2015-2018 representing Providence in Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam. In 2018, she was titled as the first Youth Poetry Laureate of Rhode Island. Kleo is currently serving as the Director of Providence Poetry Slam at AS220.