Live Bait!

Flamenco Phil

“Live Bait: True Stories From Real People” is Providence’s original, longest-running true-life storytelling show. It has run the first Friday of every month (with two, maybe three exceptions) since it began in July of 2008. It’s been running in the AS220 Black Box before it was the AS220 Black Box back when the space hosted Perishable Theatre. Live Bait is a forum for community and communication. It is open to anyone with a true story, so long as that story somehow fits the monthly theme.
If anyone has story and would like to tell it, here’s what to do: enter your name into the fishbowl just before the show, then if your name is pulled out of said fishbowl, come up and tell it (just like you’re telling your friends over a couple of drinks). Please note: there’s a six minute time limit (we’ll let you know, nicely). No scripts or notes, no rants or stand-up, just true stories.  Everyone is encouraged to step up, performers and non-performers alike, to come share or just watch an evening of potentially funny, gut-wrenching, scary, enlightening, embarrassing, soul-baring, true stories.
Live Bait is produced and hosted by Phil Goldman, who before that, was a nude model in Singapore, a jungle guide in Thailand and a bank spy and Tai Chi instructor in Boston. He is currently a teacher of storytelling, eastern philosophy and meditation at School One in Providence.
Live Bait is the first Friday of every month at the AS220 Black Box.