(note: our online calendar does not necessarily reflect space availability)

Below is some important information about booking AS220 venues:

The AS220 Live Arts venues are unjuried, uncensored, and all ages– all the time. AS220’s mission is to provide a forum for Rhode Island artists to create their original artwork, especially those who cannot obtain space to exhibit or perform from traditional sources because of financial or other limitations.

Out of state?:

In order to successfully carry out our mission statement, booking priority is given to Rhode Island artists. If you are not from Rhode Island, there are opportunities to share the evening’s bill with local artists. If you are an out of state performer interested in playing at AS220, we recommend that you contact Rhode Island performers whom you have a relationship with first and ask them to contact us via email. It is also possible to but together a complete bill including local acts and present that to AS220. Also, check out our page of “Community Curators” to see if there is someone programming events at AS220 that would fit well with your act.

Music at the Black Box and Psychic Readings:

We try to keep the Black Box focused on Theatre and Performance Art. In order to achieve this we tend to only book music shows at Psychic Readings and the Black Box that are being presented to us as “complete bills” (3-5 performers). You can also book a complete bill of performers for concerts at the Main Stage if you are interested!

Original Music Policy:

AS220 aims to support original music. No music licensed by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC is allowed, unless you are the license holder. This means that all material performed at AS220 must be your original creation or must be in the public domain. Please see our Original Music Policy and Performing Rights Organizations boycott information page for more info.

Community Curators:

AS220 has an extremely varied group of local artists/promoters/curators that have diverse regularly occurring programming in AS220 Performance Venues. You might be interested in collaborating with a particular curator if you feel that your act is a good fit with their programming. Check out the community curator page here.

Looking for a gallery show?:

The Main Stage is also the Main Gallery at AS220. See the AS220 Galleries page for information on booking art shows in our exhibition spaces.

Festival and Conference Programming at AS220

The AS220 Live Art’s Department plays host annually to a number of local festivals and events. Some past events include: Providence Improv Fest, Providence Fringe Festival, Queer Arts Festival and Necronomicon.  To have part/all of your festival/conference at AS220, please fill out a booking form.

After booking your event:

Once you have scheduled a show,  you will receive a copy of our FAQ for performers in your confirmation email.