AS220 is hiring: Line Cook

AS220 is hiring: Line Cook



AS220 Food & Drink is an eatery that embraces the values of AS220 and recognizes the outreach potential inherent in a mission-aligned restaurant. To the extent possible, we look to our local New England farms and food artisans to provide our quality ingredients while still keeping our menu affordable and accessible. Menu items are created using the freshest local ingredients available and change seasonally. The atmosphere is casual and family friendly.

AS220 Food & Drink staff are expected to positively represent not only the restaurant, but AS220 as a whole, while on and off the clock.  As such, while at work, and coinciding with the upholding of an exceptional level of customer service, all staff are expected to politely and courteously greet, engage, assist, serve, and thank all patrons, performers, fellow staff members, participants of any of AS220’s programming, residents, etc. Staff are responsible for the running of AS220 Food & Drink in accordance with our mission, values, policies and practice.

Line Cook is a part time position with pay is based on experience.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Daily preparation and proper use of ingredients
  • Variety of cooking styles including searing, poaching, grilling, braising, brining, etc.
  • Preparing meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables
  • Understanding and upkeep of restaurant health codes
  • Interacting with guests while cooking as appropriate
  • Contributing new ideas for daily special dishes
  • Articulating a passionate understanding of the AS220 mission and programming
  • Running the kitchen if a Manager or Supervisor is not present
  • Maintaining a high standard of personal cleanliness and neat appearance at all times
  • Proper control of waste

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have several years of restaurant cooking experience including saute
  • Be ServSafe Certified (certification available at
  • Be a flexible team player, comfortable taking direction or leading as appropriate
  • Be enthusiastic about local sourcing of ingredients
  • Believe that those with food allergies and restrictions have equal rights in restaurants
  • Be able to articulate a passionate understanding of the AS220 mission

Prospective candidates should spend some time on our web site,, before applying.

To apply for this position, please email a resume, professional references, and a copy of  your ServSafe certification (or equivalent) to