AS220 Industries COVID projects

AS220 Industries COVID projects

Over the past couple of weeks, members of our community have reached out to AS220 about our ability to produce much needed parts, equipment, and other resources for medical and healthcare workers, and other frontline responders, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, AS220 Industries staff have helped in the prototyping stage of the Ventilator Project (converting CPAP and BiPAP machines into ventilators), working with AS220 residents on sewing and donating PPE masks, and designing and fabricating laser cut PPE face shields.

Now we’d like to further enlist Industries resources to the cause, and have started a process to involve members of our community *:

If you have a great idea that helps meet the needs of frontline COVID-19 responders and think AS220 Industries could be a resource, please fill out our Project Proposal form and we’ll check it out! **

If you want to volunteer knowledge and skills making masks or otherwise, please fill out our Contributor Sign-Up Form and we’ll work on matching you with a suitable project! ***

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with

Lasercut PPE face shield by AS220 Industries staff member Britton Kroessler. 
Photo by Britton Kroessler.

* For a list of our equipment and tool resources, please visit Not all of these resources can be made available, but this list will provide some context for what is potentially doable.

** To receive consideration, proposed projects must have a target goal, time frame and approved deliverable for distribution or use in coordination with an external body (e.g. Department of Health, hospital staff, medical facilities, social service org, etc). Please note that we want to focus our efforts on projects that are achievable and impactful. We may not be able to take on everything that comes through. Material sourcing, costs, complexity and staff and community capacity will also be taken into account.

*** Please note that we are encouraging contributors to work from their own home or space if at all possible. Visiting the AS220 Industries at this time is not possible unless arranged with and coordinated by an Industries staff member first. Certain equipment may be available to be borrowed for off-site use, which can be done using our Equipment Request Form.