Individual empowerment and community

Individual empowerment and community

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Education is a transformative tool that changes lives. When people think of education at AS220 most think of AS220 Youth, our largest program, which harnesses comprehensive arts education and technical training, career building, hip hop, and social justice education to affect change for young people and their communities. 

Yet, opportunities to learn, evolve and transform are at the heart of all AS220’s programming. When you read the testimonials in this year’s Impact Report, you’ll see that our community agrees. Each person talks about things like education, mentorship, skill building, personal growth, rehearsal opportunities, and empowerment: all made possible by AS220. 

In 2019, we offered 2,000 affordable or free educational classes and workshops to over 6,000 people — often taught by our residents, members, staff, youth, and program alumni — amongst many other informal learning opportunities. From overflowing dance classes to printmaking and photography workshops in the Industries; from a band’s first chance to perform in front of an audience or an emerging artist’s first ever exhibition; to professional development for arts managers from across the country and the world: learning opportunities form the rich, mulchy soil from which individual empowerment and community grows and flourishes at AS220.

We need your help to continue providing the richly varied educational opportunities that help the people of Rhode Island realize their full creative potential. In 2019, AS220 has a year-end fundraising goal of $80,000! Through a number of very generous pledges by supporters, AS220 Board members, and staff, we’ve raised $40,000 towards a matching challenge. We need your support to secure these pledges. Help us raise another $40,000 to reach our goal!

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Special thanks to our matching challenge donors, including: The Richard and Vera Gierke Family Fund, Dan Levinson, Clay Rockefeller & Manya Rubinstein, Buff Chace, DBVW Architects, Lucie Searle, Noah Fulmer, Deming & Jane Sherman, Micah Salkind & Ted McGuire, Curt Columbus, Nancy & Frank Pfenning, an anonymous donor, AS220 Board members and staff.