AS220 Immersive Residency: Spring 2016 session

AS220 Immersive Residency: Spring 2016 session

AS220 is happy to announce its second 5-day AS220 Immersive Residency for Artists/Managers (AIR/AM), which runs from April 6-10, 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island.  The deadline for applications is February 14, 2016.

For 30 years, AS220 has been a living example of innovation in non-profit arts programming, youth programming, community development, and creative placemaking.  Growing from a small grassroots collective, AS220 has built a sustainable large-scale organization that now serves as an international model.

The residency program’s goals are to inspire possibilities in participants and share information that is digestible and easy for them to apply to their own context.  Participants will learn from both AS220 and other practitioners and reflect on how their own decision making provides opportunities for others in the arts.Tuition cost is $500.

AIR/AM recognizes artists/managers as anyone who works in the arts regardless of position. From those who identify as arts managers, arts educators, socially engaged artists, program coordinators, community organizers, arts researchers, cultural producers, or any other given title, AIR/AM seeks to bring a diverse group of practitioners together in a fertile environment to share and learn from each other. Residency program activities include a series of workshops, presentations by participants, a tour of Providence including visits to partner arts organizations, hands-on making sessions in AS220’s Industries and, of course, a party!

Workshops will include presentations by AS220 staff and expert visiting faculty, and will allow plenty of time for discussion and debate. In the spirit of Practice//Practice, some workshops also involve working sessions, bringing theoretical discourse into the practical realm. Topics covered include: organizational sustainability (finances, structure, fundraising); strategic development (mission/vision/values development, leadership, transparency); property (the issues involved in owning a building); accessibility (affordability and diversity); and collaboration (building internal and cross-sector partnerships).

Read more and apply online!