AS220 Galleries' Flat-File Project!

AS220 Galleries’ Flat-File Project!

AS220 Galleries is excited to announce new artworks are available through the AS220 Flat-file project.

The AS220 Flat File Project is a collection of artworks housed in a series of flat file drawers sited permanently at AS220’s Project Space at 93 Mathewson St.  This Project invites Rhode Island artists to submit two-dimensional works on paper including all types of media, from painting, drawing, collage on paper, photography and printmaking.  Artworks are stored in the AS220 Flat File as well as presented on-line at the AS220 Shop. The Flat File provides an opportunity for artists, curators, and collectors to browse, curate, and purchase work. The drawers are open to the public during gallery hours: Wed-Fri: 1-6pm; Sat: noon-4pm.  It is not necessary to schedule an appointment to view work in the drawers.

Artists interested in submitting work to the Flat File should contact the Gallery during normal gallery hours or contact the Gallery Director, Neal Walsh or the Gallery Assistant, Paris Paris