AS220 Galleries Artist Talk !

AS220 Galleries Artist Talk !

AS220 Galleries is excited to announce our February artist talks! An artist talk will take place at all of our gallery spaces (Main Gallery, Project Space Gallery, Resident Gallery and the Aborn Gallery).

This month, each of our gallery spaces will host an artist talk! The artist talks will take place Saturday February 29th 3-5pm and will begin at the ABORN Gallery. Please check out the schedule below for more information on this months Artist Talks.

The Artist Talks are free and open to all, No RSVP needed. 


3pm | Aborn Gallery | Jay & Victoria intro/ curator’s statement Paris

Words about the exhibition: This exhibition highlights four Providence RI artists who are on the forefront of Providence’s emerging creative scene re-inventing the way we think, react and create artwork that reflects their creative interests and shared community.

3:40pm | Main Gallery | Rob Snowden | into Neal 

3:50pm | Res Gallery | Jacques/ Nafis Intro with Nadine Almada, April Brown, Becci Davis, Marco A. McWilliams. 

Words about the exhibition: Good Morning Revolution is the brainchild of Artist and Master Printmaker Jacques Bidon, who saw Black HIstory month as a perfect time in which to invite notable Black Artist’s across Rhode Island to convene and create collaborative prints together using AS220 as the creative home. Bidon charged the Artists with using the Offset and Letterpress, incorporating images and quotes of lesser known heroes from the Diaspora. Each invited artist chose 2 images of a Black leader, whether entertainer, revolutionary or author. The show is a culmination of all the Artist’s interests inspired by Jacques prompt.

4:30pm | Project Space | Meredith Stern | intro Neal 

Words about the exhibition: “Cooperation Cats: 10 years, 20 prints” which is the first comprehensive showing of her “Cooperation Cats” print series. Begun in 2009, this is a series of 20 reduction linoleum block prints depicting scenes of mutual aid using cats as the subjects. Images show cats sharing communal dinners, building a barn together, playing music, baking, birthing, and foraging mushrooms in the woods. These prints celebrate the aspects of life where we cooperate, helping each other and thriving together… Their dual nature as individualistic creatures who are also reliant on human companionship expresses our own human nature. We yearn for autonomy, but we absolutely need family and community to thrive. This print series celebrates mutual aid – people working together as equals, for the mutual benefit of everyone. We are strong individually, but we are much more powerful when we work together. Each print is created through multiple layers of oil based ink, which creates a thick painterly texture in the final image. Along with prints, there will be coloring books which have all twenty images available for purchase. Individual pages will be available at the art opening for people of all ages to color with.