AS220 Flat-File Project re-presenting Buck Hastings "Jungle Edition"

AS220 Flat-File Project re-presenting Buck Hastings “Jungle Edition”

AS220 Galleries is very excited to re-present”Jungle Edition” by artist Buck Hastings through our AS220 Flat-file project. Buck’s personal work stems from a strong affinity for art, music, and nature. His approach is intuitive and meditative, drawing on the influence of his contemporaries as well as that of art history. He employs skills acquired through his years of commercial art experience in a search for his own sense of intimacy and awe in his paintings.


Buck Hastings currently lives and works in Providence, RI. He earned a BFA in painting from RISD 2006. He has since exhibited extensively in local venues and has executed numerous small and large scale painting and mural commissions. In 2012, he joined fellow artist Shawn Gilheeney in founding Providence Painted Signs. They have been significant players in the revival of the trade and craft of sign painting, while each continuing to develop his personal body of work.