Artist Talk with Wilson Harding Lawrence and Meris Barreto

Please join us for an artist talk at the AS220 Project Space this Thursday, September 27th, at 6 p.m. with Wilson Harding Lawrence and Meris Baretto.

The artists will be discussing their latest work currently on view at the Project Space. Meris’s installation Nawa-Do: the Way of the Rope is inspired by the everyday use of knots in Japanese culture from the artfully tied packages from the market to the knots of the bedroom of “beautiful bondage”. Wilson’s Coup d’Etat starts from drawing and printmaking but then expands the work into the three dimensional space of the gallery interacting with wall and floor pushing the boundaries of work.

I hope you can join us. The AS220 Projecet Space is located at 93 Mathewson St., Providence, RI.