On Saturday May 26th the AS220 Project Space will host a closing reception and artist talk with Ian J. G. Cozzens from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Ian J. G. Cozzens is a visual artist from Providence, Rhode Island. His work ranges from silkscreen prints to patchwork quilts to three-dimensional objects, functional and non-functional. Since 2001, he’s worked as a designer and printer of silkscreened posters, training himself in printing as well as in the graphic techniques by which design work was made in the mid-20th-century: hand-cutting rubylith, hand-lettering, drawing display letterforms and layouts in pencil.

In “An Idea Is An Object, A Building Is A Memory”, at the AS220 Project Space, Ian combines a large perspectival-illusion text installation of a single word, with observed and measured drawings of now-vanished buildings in his neighborhood of Olneyville, as well as smaller three-dimensional letterform-based works and the fragments of past text installations. Drawn traces of experience and cardboard pieces of language coincide and accumulate in the gallery. The visitor can make their way *into* the central word, walking among its pieces as it evaporates around them or envelops them, to explore the details and specificities of the rest of the drawings and projects.

The AS220 Project Space, at 93 Mathewson St, is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1-6pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm. There will be a closing reception and artist talk on Saturday, May 26th, from 3-5pm at the Project Space. Ian will speak about his work and answer questions, and there will be discussion about “Community” and what that word could or should mean to us, the ways that it is misused to obscure or to marginalize, as well as the complexities and possibilities that it offers.


detail from ” I feel like, sometimes, to create a truly anti-authoritarian space, the people who know the right way to do things might just have to shut up?”, mixed media, 2014.