Artist Talk with C.W. Roelle



"How to Enjoy Lawn Care" by C.W. Roelle

“How to Enjoy Lawn Care” by C.W. Roelle

This Thursday May 16, 7 – 830 pm at the Project Space Gallery, Come view the work of C.W. Roelle in his exhibit (Calm) Down (You’ve Got it Goin) & listen to what he has to say about it! Here are some of the few things C.W. is thinking about…

-This fresh, cool Spring air we are having.

-Objects that work well in an unnatural space.

-Stairs, how they jut out and who is on them.

Or was.

-That “Thrift Shop” video.

-Model Rail Roads set.

-Red Dwarf

-Red Green.

-Telling stories through subtlety (with subtlety?).

-Harry Nilsson. …

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