Artist Talk & Demo with Simon Slowinski

“confetti paper” relief printing, stencil, and hand painting, 48″x36″ 20219

Please join AS220 on Saturday August 26th at 5pm at the AS220 Project Space for an artist talk with Simon Slowinski.

Using an 8ftx6ft “Cincinnati one-arm-bandit” screen printing press Simon makes huge prints using a long squeegee arm. Using a monoprinting process, Simon is able to work fast and cover the entire area of the press without fussing over editioning, jumping back and forth between painting and printing, working on multiple pieces at the same time to create marbled gradients of transparent ink that imitate the water or sky or open up areas of atmospheric space and overlapping chaotic grids of color and texture might that look like a shredded pieces of textile under a microscope.

Come join us at 5pm to learn more about Simon’s process and see the work in-person. Simon will then do demo at the AS220 Printshop shop using the unique Takach press that has a 4.5ftx10ft press bed that can be used to print etchings, woodcuts and monoprints. Simon will be teaching three part workshop on this press in October! Sign-up here.