Artist Interview with Adam Buck

EmpireReview-10Adam Buck, “India Point #2” digital print, 2015.


Adam BuckWorlds Views is on view at the AS220 Project Space through May 30th.

Interviewed by AS220 Gallery Intern Nenetzin Rodriguez


  1. Why did you want your photos to represent a spherical world and not a linear? Did the app support one from the other?

The spherical image best represents how the app captures images, it is not a one click operation but multiple images brought together to make a scene. The world view shows what a typical snapshot doesn’t, multiple points of view thru a span of time. This is how we see our world around us. I felt this is a new and poignant use for the imaging medium. The app does support linear and an online 360 degree panorama viewing. I have optimized images for all 3 format styles but the spherical worked best for me in this collection and the AS220 space. This show was designed to be viewed as single images on their own and as a group. Also they are all mounted on lazy-susans so they can be spun, slow or fast to give them additional viewing options. The show is interactive like our worlds really are and the venue, AS220, is as well.

  1. How were the photographs’ settings picked for the spherical spaces?

These locations are where my daily life has lead me. After much experimentation with the app, I now know how it will interpret a space. Then I place my “camera” in the point which it would create an engaging image. I wanted to explore as many different styles of images as possible, portrait, event, commentary, series, and abstract and even better a combination of of a few of them.

  1. What narrative do the characters embody in your photos? Do they relate to your or another person’s life experiences?

The narratives pieces are parts of my life. Being a busy adult with a business and family I find myself reflecting on the people, places and events around me, each their our world.

  1. How does technology expand a fixed image? What development do you want to include in support of future photo apps?

Technology has always expanded our ability to communicate ideas though images. From painting to photography, black and white to color, film to digital, changes and development bring new vocabulary to artists. I am interested in bringing more into these images through time and sounds. Our world around us is not static. Portraits of our world should not be a still life now that ¬†our cameras cam capture more of the essence around us and place it within a piece of artwork. Also the ability for abstract with this tool is very interesting, now I know how to “break” the rules or limits of this app. Which is when a tool starts to get really fun.

  1. Does the iphone allow more creative control with designing an ambiance than other photography devices?

The iPhone is a great tool, just as the Kodak Brownie camera was in its time. Allowing a portable and simple tool for everyone to capture an image. The “app” allows me to capture images in a new and innovative way, albeit simple way. The secret to any tool or camera is to learn it’s strengths to help bring out what one envisions.


Adam Buck’s exhibit at the AS220 Main Gallery at 115 Empire St., Providence, RI. Gallery Hours are Monday-Friday 1-6 p.m. and Saturdays 12-5 p.m. and by appointment.


EmpireReview-7Adam Buck, “Around the Center of the Block”, digital print, 2015.