Many humans of the world think that April is the best month to be human. In a political poll surveying the tastes of USA humans, it was determined that USA humans prefer April to any candidate for the Presidency. So exercise your free will and the rite of spring by coming and voting! (Voting is used allegorically here for attending performances at the AS220 Main Stage). Here’s what’s on tap for April:

Is This Jazz? Presents: The Dave Murphy Quartet + The Monteirobots
We’ve got Jazz! APRIL FOOLS! No we don’t! Or do we? Who’s the joke on? Is this actually Jazz? There’s only one way to find out I guess… you must attend.

The Westerlies, Dan Liparini and The Antonio Forte Process
I am told that the Westerlies are some serious musicians. Their press photo in the link above shows some very striking young lads holding horns. It almost looks like models pretending to be a band! I am intrigued…

The Empire Revue: The Through the Looking Glass Show
To celebrate Wrestlemania Sunday the Empire Revue are taking you on a journey through the looking glass. Just kidding… it has nothing to do with wrestling, but as they say, “Up is down, black is white, and Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the GOP. Things are about to get topsy-turvy crazy”

Hex Inverter, HADEAN, and It’s a Mountain
Philly’s Hex Inverter bless us with their presence of psychedelic meditative rock. I don’t know about you, but that is what my experimental psychiatrist prescribed me after a long day of work on a Tuesday.

Lulz! Comedy Night
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh it feels good to laugh again!

Two Selkies, Quarterly, Allysen Callery, and Longshoreman
A foursome of Americana Folk wonder. You’ve heard the rumours that the American nostalgic dream was alive and well. Let these fine musicians prove it to you.

Cocek! Brass Band and Extraordinary Rendition Band
Street brass party fun time means that it’s one of those shows that you’ll only notice the extent to which you are perspiring afterwards. Then you will sigh to yourself, “ahhh yes…. This is what it means to LIVE.

The Hurt Ensemble, Atsuko Chiba, Staghorn, and Honest Living
We got effects, we got heavy, we got mathy, we got a band on tour from Montreal CANADA. We got post-rock. Post-show. Post-post-modern-bands-post-internet-postal service Washington post.

Snowplows // Willow // Sharpest // Pleasure Gap (NH)
Another barnstormer to set the hay on fire. Snowplows is up there in candidates for loudest band in Providence (but like… not in a gimmicky way like those bands that put empty Marshall stacks on stage just for show)

Tor Johnson Presents: Whore Paint, The Worriers, Remnants, and Lucky United
A rare Whore Paint appearance! If you were playing pokémon you’d want to make sure you catch this one. Also, Worriers just put out on LP on a wonderful label Don Giovanni, which is one of three record labels I can think of with “don” in the name. (Welcome to the trivial minutia of show booking)

Crowhurst, MAKE, Black Steel Peacock, Deathdealer, and Lymphoma Twins
An experimental night and one of TWO 420 themed events happening at our venues that night. Don’t worry… the restaurant is open til 10:30 in case you get hungry. The other 420 event is too risqué for me to include in this listing (have I piqued your interest, dear reader?)

FREE SPEECH THURSDAYS! Providence Poetry Slam
There’s something immensely satisfying about an open forum for words to be said; Something pure! Democratic! American! Also included with the price of admission is a scintillating featured poet!

Trudeau Center Benefit w/ The Viennagram, Triangle Forest, Ask The Dead, and Lovesick
Some truly exciting bands are coming together to benefit a Warwick organization devoted to helping people with disabilities. If that doesn’t get you out the door then you are six feet in the grave already!

An Evening With Melissa Ferrick with guests The Western Den
Legend alert! Legend alert! Eight-time Boston Music Award winner, 2014 Independent Music Award for Alt-Country Album, honoree in OUT Magazine’s OUT100, the list goes on and on! Get your tickets in advance for this one!

PechaKucha Night
If you haven’t heard of this global yet unpronounceable phenomenon, PechaKucha is a monthly format for sharing ideas in which presenters are allotted 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. Simply put: it’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds of show and tell for grown-ups. It began in Tokyo in 2003, has since spread to over 780 cities worldwide, and first landed in Providence in March of 2009. To the best of our knowledge, Providence is the only chapter in the entire world that hosts a PKN every month of the year.

bloodpheasant, Goddard (MA), The Cloth (PA), and Hollow
These bands have chops. Not lamp chops. Not chopped on the food network. The intangible chops. Oh and Goddard, representing Worcester!

One of the raddest organization’s in the universe is hosting a youthful party to culminate their spring programming! Witness some amazing songs performed by the youngins’!

and later that night:
Tiny Diamond, Paper Waves, O.B. Howard, Jillian Kay