An Interview with Darklands

An Interview with Darklands

Darklands will be opening for Twin Foxes’ LP release party at the As220 Main Stage (115 Empire Street, Providence, RI) on February 8th, 2018. Darklands will be joined by accompanying acts Weak Teeth and Fine.  Show starts 9:00pm, tickets will be sold at $6.


Okay, just to be clear, what’s up with the seltzer thing?

We’re a Polar Family. David has been known to experiment but we stand by Polar as the official seltzer of Darklands. Who knows, maybe we can even get a sponsorship, that would be pretty neat.

What is it like being Darklands?

Dismal. It’s fine actually, we imagine it’s like being in any other band. We can say that we’ve had more fun in this band than any other band we’ve been in. Being in Darklands  is really just another extension of our fucking regular-ass lives but it’s the one we put all our other life choices on hold for. Being a DIY band in the internet age is not easy but what it is to us is still just as emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.

Your sound has been described as “New Order via The Smashing Pumpkins.” Is this a fair assessment?

Haha no, we agree that on our best days we sound like Bailter Space from New Zealand. One of our venue promoters told us to look them up and we were definitely into it. Look up Bailter Space, they’re great.

Are you working on an album?

Are we? We just finished recording a full length but the details are still yet to come.

What’s the deal with Twin Foxes?

Twin Foxes are probably our closest band-friends. We did our first big tour with them and it turned out to be a lot of fun. They’re a little more Modest Mouse then we are sound-wise, but we share the same sonic-wheelhouse as far as other Providence bands go.

What was your favorite part of that tour with Twin Foxes? Do you have any stories from the road?

Our favorite part of that tour was Jeff Byers’ dad pants when he let us stay at his place in DC. He was wearing these Walmart jeans that somehow happened to be two sizes too big. It was like he went in, snagged the first pair of jeans he could find and left. We became stuck with that image of him for the rest of the tour. Torturing Jeff was fun.

We also played a college radio show that was a blast. We gave a purposefully obnoxious interview that got “accidentally” deleted. Everyone kept dropping the f-word all over the place.

There was also a show in Morgantown, West Virginia that we thought was going to be abysmal and ended up being the best show of the tour. Out of the seven of us four of us were sober and the rest had to split 50 drink tickets which after four days on the road with no sleep turned out to be a hilarious night…


Words and Photos by Dave Hurley