Alice Mizrachi interview!

Alice Mizrachi interview!

Alice Mizrachi, April AS220 Artist in Residence
Artist Talk
95 Empire Black Box
Tuesday, April 29, 6pm

Come see what Alice has been making over the last month and learn more about all the amazing things she does!

How did you end up as AS220’s Artist-in-Residence for April?

Sam Seidel invited me here to do a project at an abandoned synagogue at 688 Broad Street and explore AS220’s facilities. While here I was invited to talk at Brown about graffiti culture, public art and place making. I love the possibilities here and envision myself working in Providence more often. AS220 has provided a space for me to create and plant seeds for future projects.


What have you been doing at AS220 during April?

I’ve been working in the print lab developing prints and a zine for an installation about migration at the synagoguet. The project I am working on now is about migration. As I look at my own experience of Jewish migration I realize that both my immediate family and my ancestors moved to places they thought would fulfill their dream of a better life. My installation at 688 Broad street in Providence is a sacred dream reliquary where you enter and write a dream in exchange for a hamsa flag to remind you of your dream. The hamsa represents protection- protection of your dream, protection of the journey to achieve the dream and protection of your spirit. As each dream is written and left at the “hoopa”/altar it begins to manifest as you walk away. My intention for this project is to create a ritualistic installation on how to manifest our dreams as our ancestors did. Asking for the dream and watching it unfold…


What’s next for you?

After the installation at the synagogue I head back to NYC and release the print and zine I worked on here. I will complete 4 education residencies in NYC by June. I’m also participating in 3 upcoming group exhibitions and a solo exhibition in Tel Aviv and I’m scheduled to paint at Welling Court and Bushwick Open Studios this summer.

I’m looking forward to coming back to Providence in the next few months to continue working on restoring the synagogue and creating public arts programming for neighboring communities.