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AS220 is a community of artists in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, that provides open forums and opportunities to Rhode Island artists. AS220 provides an alternative to traditional venues and has gained international attention for its commitment to an “open and uncensored”, egalitarian approach to nurturing creative community.

The activities of AS220 include, but are not limited to, seven nights a week of programming between our Main Stage, Black Box theater, Psychic Readings performance space, and Dance Studio; monthly exhibits at six gallery spaces; AS220 Youth, a free arts program for youth 14-21; and the AS220 Industries, a maker space comprised of AS220 Media Arts, the AS220 Community Printshop, and the AS220 Labs – our digital fabrication lab. AS220 also owns and operates its own bar and restaurant that provides locally sourced produce and spirits at a reasonable cost.  In addition to nearly daily activities, AS220 presents other signature annual events, such as its street festival Foo Fest. AS220 currently owns and operates three buildings in downtown Providence housing approximately 50 artists as well as commercial and non-profit tenants, providing individual and collaborative work spaces, galleries, venues for performances and exhibitions, and a bar and restaurant under the banner of AS220. The operating budget of AS220 and related for-profit entities is just under $4 million.

Prospective candidates should spend some time on our web site,, before applying.

To apply for any jobs listed here, please send any materials requested in the specific position descriptions below to Applications can also be faxed to 401-454-7445, or be hand delivered to:

95 Mathewson Street #204
Providence, RI 02903




Hours Per Week : 20 Hours per week | Hourly Rate: $18.50 per hour |

General Schedule: MON-THURS 2PM-7PM (Fall, Winter, Spring) MON-THURS 10AM-4PM (Summers)

*Schedule will vary depending on the season and classes offered by AS220 Youth


The Music Coordinator is responsible for creating the “sound” of AS220 Youth. Their main responsibility is to manage the the ZuKrewe Music Team: a  youth-led hip hop troupe focused on creating high quality music  that bring awareness to social issues affecting the communities that we serve and other marginalized groups around the world . They are responsible for educating youth about these issues while teaching music technique, theory and history. The  Music Coordinator is charged with creating a year long curriculum that gives youth the technical skills that they need to create music, provide sound for live venues and manage their own recording studios. This curriculum must also introduce students to the history and theory of music  while exposing  students to culturally relevant material in and around the field.  

While this program focuses mainly on digital hip hop music, the Music Coordinator must also help students make the connection between other musical genres, theories and techniques. Basic music theory and sampling live sounds must be incorporated throughout the year. They must also provide classes that teach young people how to play traditional instruments.  The Music Coordinator produces high quality music sharing opportunities for youth, both at AS220 and outside of AS220. These opportunities are meant to be a platform for both AS220 Youth members and youth in and around the Providence area.  In addition, this person is charged with connecting youth to industry professionals and creating mentorship opportunities between professional artists and AS220 Youth members.


To qualify for this position, this person must have:

  • an artist portfolio  
  • prior experience working with youth of color, from the inner city
  • in depth knowledge and experience with hip hop culture
  • experience coordinating high quality events
  • a network of people in and around the music field


  • Designing a year long, music program curriculum
  • Scheduling monthly field trips to (i.e: recording studios, live venues, shows)
  • Managing Delgado schedule and promotion
  • Contributing music to yearly Foo Fest Set
  • Dropping a yearly ZuKrewe album
  • Collaborating with the Performing Arts Coordinator to book summer tours in and around the Rhode Island Area
  • Coordinating quarterly critiques for music program
  • Participating in yearly, studio wide project
  • Running sound for all AS220 Youth events
  • Assessing growth of the students in the music program
  • Supporting portfolio development for youth in your program



  • Oversee a caseload of youth including apprentices, program interns and students
  • Help advisees develop and meet artistic goals
    • Maintain regular communication with young people in your program
    • Support youth in collecting and documenting their work
  • One-on-ones: meet with your advisees bi-weekly. Document these meetings


  • Submit quarterly class plans 2 weeks prior to the start of classes
  • Teach a diverse set of music classes that support design and SEL skills
  • Design week long “boot camps” that teach in-depth, technical skills to intermediate-advanced learners

Manage music staff/ interns  

  • Oversee staff/interns  who teach elements of audio engineering, live sound, beatmaking, songwriting, live band    
  • Meet one-on-one with your program staff/interns  on a monthly basis
  • Ensure that  staff have supplies/space/equipment needed to facilitate programming

Co-Manage ZuKrewe Music Team

  • Support  youth in creating audio projects that promote the ZuKrewe brand and specific campaigns/social justice themes
  • Collaborate with performing arts  coordinator to create yearly Foo Fest Set
  • Collaborate with performing arts  coordinator to book summer tour in and around the Rhode Island Area
  • Critiques: Invite and host a guest artist once per term during critique week


  • write one blog post per week showcasing your program/youth projects
  • work with Digital Media Team to produce content for web i.e music videos, blog post, interviews, podcast
  • Youth Concerns :Report youth concerns to director via email within 24 hours. “Concerns” are anything safety related (drugs,alcohol,violence, homelessness, hunger, mental health/physical health issues).
  • Answer Emails: Respond to your emails within 3 work days

Maintain a space conducive for learning and creating

  • keep room cleaned and organized at all times
  • label supplies so that staff/youth can easily find what they need
  • showcase performance vocabulary/theory/history in a creative way
  • clearly write daily task on classroom whiteboard
  • Keep equipment in working order and accessible to youth/staff

Admin Work

  • Maintain inventory for Music Program
  • Turn in attendance every Friday
  • Attend staff meeting every week and attend Best Practice Trainings every month
  • Complete timesheets for youth on a bi-weekly basis ; keep an updated timesheet binder in your room
  • Work with Director to order supplies
  • Submit Weekly Breakdowns every Monday

Professional Development

  • Co-create professional development plan with your supervisor
  • Engage in a minimum of 3 hours of PD per month via trainings, peer-exchange meetings and/or postsecondary ED programs
  • Take an active role in seeking opportunities for yourself to grow as an artist, educator and youth program coordinator



Foo(d) Counter Staff – Part time

Hours Per Week : 5- 20, varying | Hourly Rate: $10 per hour + tips


AS220 Foo(d) is an eatery that embraces the values of the organization and recognizes the outreach potential inherent in a mission aligned food program. In light of our mission to support local artists and entrepreneurs, we look to our local New England farms and food artisans to provide our quality ingredients. Menu items are created using the freshest local ingredients available and as the seasons change, so our daily specials and menu also change. The physical space consists of a 340 sq ft counter/kitchen area and a 1300 sq ft seating area. The kitchen is OPEN. The atmosphere is casual and family friendly. Part of the aim of the food program is to create an opportunity for meaningful food service training and work experience for young people participating in our AS220 Youth program.

AS220 Foo(d) Staff are expected to positively represent not only the restaurant, but AS220 as a whole, while on and off the clock. As such, while at work, and coinciding with the upholding of an exceptional level of customer service, all staff are expected to politely and courteously greet, engage, assist, serve, and thank all patrons, performers, fellow staff members, participants of any of AS220’s programming, residents, etc. Staff is responsible for the running of AS220 Foo(d) in accordance with our mission, values, policies and practice.

The Counter Staff are a critical piece in our outreach strategies. They are expected to provide excellent customer service and play a role in creating a unique space that celebrates food and drink as art and as a building block of community.

Specific responsibilities fall into the following areas:

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Take orders
  • Serve food
  • Bus tables
  • Maintaining dining area, outdoor seating, and kitchen & counter area cleanliness
  • Accurate cash handling
  • Maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness and present a neat, professional appearance at all times.
  • Keep AS220 informational materials accessible to customers and be familiar with and able to answer questions about all areas of programming at AS220
  • Be willing to help with food prep, dishes, etc


The ideal candidate will:

  • Minimum two years wait staff experience
  • Be friendly and able to make all kinds people feel welcome
  • Be able and interested in talking about food and the arts
  • Be helpful and able to provide a mentoring role to young people who are training through the youth program
  • Be able to articulate a passionate understanding of the AS220 mission
  • Experience using point of sales system
  • Be able to multitask efficiently (answering phones, taking orders, communicating effectively with cooks)
  • Possess the ability to work calmly under pressure
  • Be highly organized and efficient with time management
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Serv safe certified a plus
  • Have Tues-Sat availability and ability to work nights and weekends
  • Possess the ability to work well as part of team and assist co-workers with and without being asked



Prospective candidates should spend some time on our web site,, before applying.

To apply for any jobs listed here, please send any materials requested in the specific position descriptions below to Applications can also be faxed to 401-454-7445, or be hand delivered to:

95 Mathewson Street #204
Providence, RI 02903