• Sean Daly
    AS220 Board Chairman
    President and CEO of Identity Theft 911

  • Jim Corwin
    AS220 Board Vice-Chair
    Musician and General Sales Manager at WBRU

  • Marie Hearn

    Marie Hearn
    AS220 Board Secretary
    Stylist/Owner, M. Hearn Hair Designs

  • Sam Seidel
    Creator of The Husslington Post and Hip Hop Genius

  • Chandelle Wilson Educator.

  • Bruno Tapia

    Bruno Tapia
    ‎ Sr. Manager, Business Operations

  • Lynne Bryan Phipps

    Lynne Bryan Phipps
    Design One Consortium LLC
    Inspirited Living LLC

  • Richard Welch

    Richard Welch

  • Kate MacDonald, Marketing Manager, Coastway Community Bank

  • Sussy Santana