Residence@95 showcases diverse performance in New England by offering a 90-seat black box theatre to artists who wish to explore, create, and present exclusively new, original, or seldom-produced theatrical works.  Dancers, solo artists, hybrid performance-makers, theatre companies, performance collectives, and anyone who needs space and time to put their work in front of an audience is welcome to apply. Using AS220’s unjuried uncensored mission-driven model, Residence@95 welcomes emerging and established artists to submit a proposal and bring their work to Providence in our flexible, affordable and supportive performance space.

To book a two-week residency, please use the Residence@95 Booking Form.


Strange Attractor’s A Terrific Fire

With your residency we offer:

  • A flexible and affordable black box space, including use of scene shop at no additional cost
  • Rehearsal space prior to your Residence@95
  • 501c (3) status for fiscal sponsorship through AS220
  • Fully-equipped sound and lighting equipment
  • Marketing support, including programs and posters printed onsite at the AS220 print shop, promotion on our website, and in the AS220 newsletter and calendar
  • Box office management, including online ticketing option
  • $150-250 reduction in rates if your residency includes workshops or classes
  • Cash bar at no additional cost
  • Catering packages available through AS220 FOO(D)



Casey Llewellyn’s Come in. Be with me. Don’t touch me.

How long can my residency be?
Standard Residence@95 is two weeks but can be anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks, with a minimum of 4 shows.

How much does the residency cost?
The first $1250 of your ticket sales goes to 95 Empire and then the rest is a 75/25 split. Most residencies have covered this easily, sometimes in their first weekend. One week residency is a $650 guarantee.

How much can I charge?
All tickets must be priced between $8 -16 to keep the work accessible to everyone while at the same time not devaluing the work by making it free.

What about the ASCAP/BMI boycott, does that meant I can’t use any of the songs I want in my show?
ASCAP/BMI regulations DO NOT apply to music used during live performance, but only the music during the performance is covered. Pre-show and post-show music must be original or without copywright.

What about rights to plays?
In the event your work is not original, you are expected to maintain all of the rights to perform the piece. We cannot offer any support in these matters.


Sarah Reiter’s production of Andy Kaufman’s Bohemia West

Will you help me find a stage manager? Actors? A lighting designer? Will you get the New York Times to review my show?
Residence@95 is a co-production and so while we will help you substantially, we still expect you to be self-sufficient in the creation and presentation of your work.  You should consider it your task to staff, design, and present your work. Anywhere we can assist you, we will, but take note that our most successful residencies have been with artists who take the co-production aspect seriously and bring their skills and energy to the table in equal measure to what we provide.

How do I apply?
Visit the 95 Empire website and fill out the Residence@95 booking form or email with questions.

 “Without 95 Empire’s support, the art would not have been seen, our education efforts would not have reached members of the community and transformative dialogue would not have taken place. Simple as that.” –Michael Williams, AntiGravity Theater

Previous Residents at 95 Empire

TerrificFire_PosterMarch 2012: Strange Attractor Theater – ‘A Terrific Fire’ 





destefano_posterMarch 2012: The Wilbury Group – Cyrus Leddy’s ‘Destefano on the Air!’ 





Vacancy_PosterApril 2012: Elemental Theatre Collective– ‘Vacancy’





PIF_PosterJune 2012: Providence Improv Fest





BohemiaWest_posterJuly 2012: Sarah L Reiter– Andy  Kaufman’s ‘Bohemia West’ 





manton_posterAugust 2012: Manton Avenue Project– ‘ My Blue Planet- The Ocean Plays’





Hamlette_PosterSeptember 2012: Leigh Hendrix and Melissa Bowler- ‘Leigh and Melissa present Hamlette’





Yermedea_PosterOctober 2012: AntiGravity Theatre Project– Erik Ehn’s ‘Yermedea RAW’





44plays_PosterNovember 2012: Elemental Theatre Collective– The Neo-Futurists’ ’44 Plays for 44 Presidents’





modern gloom_posterJanuary 2013: Modern Gloom– ‘Scenes from a Marriage’





NewWeirdAmerica_PosterFebruary 2013: Folk Mantra Collective–  ‘New Weird America’





Casey_1March 2013: Casey Llewellyn–  ‘Come in. Be with me. Don’t Touch me.’





DavidHiggins_PosterMay 2013: David Higgins– ‘Clearing the Decks and Building Rafts’