Donate/Wish List

If you have anything on the list pasted below just sitting around your place and you want to give it to us, OR are just feeling generous enough to help an Empire out by surprising us with a gift, then make our wishes come true (tax deductibley)!!!

95 Empire Wish List

Stuff we always need:

– Gaffers Tape 
Legal size card stock
Black paint
– incandescent standard base light bulbs
-Paint brushes/rollers
– Volunteer hours!
– Anything we can re-sell Black Box Flea Market

Stuff we can really use right now:

– 50 Foot XLR 3 Pin Female To 1/4″ Stereo Microphone Cable
– 1 Layer Pleated Paper Filter for shop-vac
T50 stapler
-Sewing machine
-various gels
-Weird comic books for the bathrooms!
Black extension cords (longer the better)
– Fake blue grass carpeting from Building 19!
– 25 or 50 ft stereo 1/8inch to 1/4inch cable
– VGA to Mac adapter
-floor lamp for dance studio
-Effects processor

Big ticket stuff:

– New lighting board
18 channel mixer
Blu Ray player
Hi Def projector
– Projection Screen (8×10 or thereabouts)
– Laptop
Marley flooring for dance studio
Tablet (for box office)