New Flat-File Project artwork by Jenny Booth + Q&A!

New Flat-File Project artwork by Jenny Booth + Q&A!


AS220 Galleries is ecstatic to announce new artwork through our AS220 Flat-File project, by Rhode Island based multi-media screen print artist Jenny Booth! This artwork titled “Nocturnal Mission”, Screen print on paper, 18 1/2″ x 26″,2018 is available for purchase through the AS220 Art and Editions Website. AS220 Galleries is also excited to announce a short Q+A with Jenny Booth

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————- Q+A with Jenny Booth and AS220 Galleries ————-

Q.1 – What was your process and inspiration when creating “Nocturnal Mission”?

A –  I started with a pattern of waves filling the page and kept adding wavy lines in different colors until the background reached a satisfactory pond feeling.At that point I did a repeating pattern of frogs over top.  I picked Gray Treefrogs for this print because they’re one of the species that lives in the North East and breeds in my local cemetery.


Q.2 – How long have you been creating artwork? What other mediums do you use to produce artwork?

A – I’ve been doing silkscreen consistently for 7 years.I also paint interior murals for a living and love the visceral feeling of painting directly on walls.  I recently finished and Egyptian themed mural in my own home.

Q.3 – What influences you as an artist?

A – Nature and other Providence screen printers.I feel lucky to be surrounded by a community of talented, supportive artists.


Q.4 – What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

A – My round table reserved for art making only.

Q.5 – What are you working on now? what direction do you think or hope this new work will take you?

A – My current work evolves out of my last project, an exploration of urban-dwelling frogs and toads and their reliance on water.My next body of work will get down to the basics, to water itself.  How does water flow through our local landscape?  With climate change, how will too much water or too little water affect people and all creatures?  I’m not sure how this will manifest in a visual form, but I would like to interview people and collect their thoughts on water as part of the piece.


Q.6 – If you could be any animal for 24 hours, what would you be? Why? And what would you do?

A – A Red-tailed Hawk. I’d like to soar the air currents and see the landscape from above using their amazing eyesight.


Also, be sure to check out “Whisker Oscillations” by Jenny Booth which is also available for purchase through the AS220 Art and Editions Website