3D Printer Donation to the Labs

The Labs has just received a truly awesome donation from Startup Weekend Providence, a brand new 3D Printer! The printer is a MakerBot’s Replicator, one of MakerBot’s finest machines.

Have you still not embraced the awesomeness of 3D Printing?

The Labs offers an introductory course on 3D Printing, suitable for all ages and backgrounds! Our first ever class on it is already sold out, but there will be plenty more workshops to take in the new year. Check out the link below to sign up for future workshops.

Intro to the 3D Printer – http://shop.as220.org/products/intro-to-the-3d-printer


Every month our 3D Printer master guru, Matt Stultz runs a 3D Printing meetup, 3DPPVD. This is a great event to come to if your are new to 3D Printing, and want to meet some folks that know a thing or two about printing.

Thank You!

A big thank you to Jeff Tagen and Sergio Ferreira, who helped organize Startup Weekend Providence and made this donation possible.