Live Bait: Spin @ 95 Empire Black Box
Oct 2 @ 10:00 pm – 11:45 pm



A few definitions of “Spin,” courtesy of to revolve rapidly or gyrate; to draw out and twist fiber into yarn or thread; to form a thread by extruding a viscous rapidly hardening fluid (especially of a spider); to feel as if in a whirl (my head is spinning); a brief trip in a vehicle for pleasure (take a spin); to set records rotating on a player (spin some discs); to plunge helplessly and out of control (especially of an airplane); to present information in an attempt to manipulate its interpretation by others  (spin the statistics).

Here’s a couple more to be careful of at Live Bait: to evolve, express, or fabricate by processes of mind or imagination (spin a yarn); to stretch out or extend (as a story) lengthily, protract. Why be careful? Because Live Bait is a forum for True Stories, told in Six Minutes or less. Otherwise, everyone can feel free to interpret the theme any way they see fit.

If anyone has a true story for October’s theme, “Spin,” they should come to Live Bait, put their name in the fishbowl and, when their name is called, tell it. Remember: no notes, no rants, no stand-up routines, and there is a six minute time limit. Of course, all are more than welcome to simply sit back and listen.

Live Bait is hosted by Phil Goldman, with banter, musical accompaniment and monthly theme song by Jerry “The Professor” Gregoire.



10:00pm Friday, October 2nd, 2014

Tickets $7.00 – no reservations taken

95 Empire Black Box,

95 Empire Street,

Providence, RI

(401) 489-2555 for more information


Saturday Switch Series @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 3 @ 10:00 am – 11:45 am

Saturday Switch Series Masterclasses 10-11:45am, 3 Saturdays per month// $15 per class; $60 for 6 class package

Class Schedule:

September 12: Ballet w/ Ann Ditmars Huyck
September 19: Modern Dance w/ Alison Cook-Beatty
October 3: Modern Dance w/ Lisa Race
October 10: Knowing and Not Knowing w/ Matthew Cumbie
October 17: Modern Dance Technique and Pedagogy w/ Bill Evans
November 7: Modern Dance w/ Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp
November 14: Modern Dance w/ Jessica Pearson
November 21: Modern Dance w/ Valerie Green
December 5: Contemporary Dance w/ ArVejon Jones
December 12: Gaga Movement Language w/ Maree ReMalia
December 19: Modern Dance w/ Cathy Nicoli

Upcoming Class Descriptions:

October 3: Modern Dance w/ Lisa Race
The class will emphasize skills intended to develop a strong body that can be comfortable with any orientation in space, whether upside down or right side up, or somewhere in between. Experiencing movement as a practice that can incorporate our most natural physicality and allowing the body to find freedom within set dance vocabulary will be explored.  Dance phrases will highlight Race’s kinesthetically spherical approach to movement, which utilizes the thrills of momentum and gravity as a means to develop full-bodied, risky dancing, regularly challenging the body to defy preconceived notions of what a body can achieve in dance.
October 10: Knowing and Not Knowing w/ Matthew Cumbie
I am curious about the processes of orientation and organization, and specifically how those can lead us through the known and the unknown. It is in this liminal space where I feel most alive and integrated, knowing that the ways in which we navigate often lead us to places of discovery and meaning making. Together we will work through these spaces using improvised modalities and choreographed structures, pulling on a postmodern sensibility and release-based concepts, and moving into full three-dimensional dancing: we will be rigorous, playful, supportive, and curious. I am the teacher, and so are you. We will explore individually at times and with others at times to expand our range of movement and choice making. All are welcome.
October 17: Modern Dance Technique and Pedagogy w/ William Evans
The Evans Approach to Contemporary Dance Technique is a pedagogical method based on my four-decade investigation of Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies. Its fundamentals are trust, relationship, active learning, validation, differentiation,student empowerment, and teacher regeneration. I will share an introduction to my technique and pedagogy, including improvisation and an extended dance phrase.
November 7: Modern Dance w/ Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp
Grounded in release technique and somatics, this contemporary class will explore the 3-dimensionality of space. Using awareness of weight and flow, students will have the opportunity to dive into the off-vertical, fly with momentum, and understand the sensation of moving with ease and athleticism.
November 14: Modern Dance w/ Jessica Pearson
This class incorporates tenants of the Horton, Limon and Dunham dance techniques to create a unique, rigorous experience of the body. Dancers will be challenged to push their bodies to the extreme while executing proper technique, fluidity, flexibility and dynamics.
November 21: Modern Dance w/ Valerie Green
This class is influenced by the Erick Hawkins modern dance technique; principles emphasized in this class are universally beneficial to dance training and include using the power of the center to initiate, control, and radiate movement, along with pelvis initiation, and the use of under and over curves. Exercises are guided with the safe use of body mechanics and neuromuscular imagery, highlighting movement that follows the logic of the body’s innate spirals and bone rhythms. Class is structured to begin with a series of floor exercises designed to awaken the feet, spine, center and pelvis. Standing center work focuses on technical exercises supported by proper alignment. The class culminates in rhythmical, full-bodied across the floor movement combinations that incorporate the use of turns, jumps, working in and out of the floor, detailed gestures, and diverse dynamics. In addition we work on developing expressive movement with a dramatic purpose, connecting an inner emotional state through physicality.
December 5: Contemporary Dance w/ ArVejon Jones
The class will be a contemporary class, pulling from various forms of dance, requiring the dancer to focus on fluidity, technique, and versatility. Of course, the class will focus on proper placement, strength, musicality, focus, stamina, phrasing, and artistic presence as it pertains to performance. Class will start with a warm up, strength building exercises, stretching, progressions through space, and a fun combination to wrap up your experience. Get ready to sweat!
December 12: Gaga+Rep w/ Maree ReMalia
The Gaga movement language originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement. Choreographer, Ohad Naharin, developed Gaga over the course of many years and it is now applied in the daily practice of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company. Maree will lead a 1-hour Gaga/dancer class, followed by learning and playfully interpreting phrase material from Maree ReMalia | merrygogo Circulation Project. Through introspective and expressive investigations students will explore a dynamic range in movement while negotiating impulse and conscious decision-making processes in exploratory, community environment. This class is open to dancers ages 16+ with an interest in movement.
December 19: Modern Dance w/ Cathy Nicoli
Sometimes quiet and internal, sometimes boisterous and group minded, this intermediate/advanced contemporary technique mixes improvisation scores with set exercises and phrase work. Dancers are encouraged to attend to the origin of movements and their resulting pathways. Weight shift, flow, and time are highlighted as ways to diversify phrasing and to explore relationships between momentum and direction. This work is steeped with the floor work of Bartenieff Fundamentals TM and a love for taking up a lot of space. A dialogue between one’s range for controlled subtlety and one’s range for restless abandon becomes apparent – and is a source for some good fun.



AlisonCook-BeattyAlison Cook-Beatty is from Milford, CT. She received her BFA from the Boston Conservatory of Music and was awarded the Ruth Sandholm Ambrose Scholarship Award. Ms. Cook-Beatty is the artistic director of Alison Cook Beatty Dance, a modern dance company based in NYC. Her choreography has been commissioned by companies such as Ballet Next, Columbia Ballet Collaborative, Carolina Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet School NYC, Opera Dolce, The Boston Conservatory, and NYU. She was awarded the 2013 sjDANCEco Award for Artistic Merit & Best Choreography, as well as grants from the Milford Fine Arts Council, New Haven Fine Arts Council, the Putney School, and the Caroline H. Newhouse Scholarship Award. As a dancer, she has performed with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Taylor 2, and many other prominent choreographers and companies. She is currently on faculty at the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC.

unnamedMatthew Cumbie is a dance maker, educator, and collaborator based in Washington, DC, and is a Resident Artist and the Education Coordinator for Dance Exchange. His work explores his interests in activism and improvisation, bringing a poetic lens to a specifically queer experience. He has been commissioned to create and teach throughout the US, and has shown work in places ranging from the non-traditional, like in cars and online symposiums, to the more theatrical, like at Harvard University and major theaters. His interest in collaborative processes has led him to work with artists Keith Thompson, Sarah Gamblin, jhon stronks, Paloma McGregor, Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser, Annie Kloppenberg, among others, and to co-found Big Rig Dance Collective. With Dance Exchange, Matthew collaborates in and out of the studio with a range of artists, activists, community members, environmentalists, and others committed to creative research and embodied scholarship. Outside of the studio, he directs Dance Exchange’s in-house educational programming and manages a number of creative projects. He holds an MFA in dance from Texas Woman’s University.

Ann Ditmars Huyck head shot (2)Ann Ditmars Huyck has taught ballet and choreographed at East Princeton Ballet School, and at L’Academie Americaine de Danse de Paris.  She has worked for New York City Ballet’s Education Department and has taught ballet history for children through adults.  She holds an MFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Ann received her early ballet training at Princeton Side Ballet and JUMP! Dance Company in Providence, at Princeton Ballet School and at the Lehigh Valley Ballet in PA, later continuing her training in New York and Paris.

BillEvansWilliam (Bill) Evans is artistic director of the Bill Evans Dance Company. BEDCO has performed extensively in the US and abroad. William founded the Evans Rhythm Tap Ensemble in 1992. He was formerly artistic coordinator, choreographer and dancer for Utah’s Repertory Dance Theatre and artistic director of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers and its professional training programs.  He has choreographed for more than 60 professional companies throughout the world and been awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship, numerous grants and fellowships from the NEA, and more than 75 other awards from public and private arts agencies in the US and Canada. His most significant life’s work has been as a dance educator. He is professor of dance emeritus at both the University of New Mexico and the SUNY College at Brockport. He is currently a professor of dance and artist in residence at Dean College in Franklin, MA He founded the Bill Evans Summer Institute of Dance in 1977 and has taught thousands of students and teachers in the past 38 years. He created the Evans Method of Teaching Modern Dance Technique, which is passed on through a four-summer certification program. He was awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Dance Education Organization and Dance Teacher Magazine. He earned BA and MFA degrees from the University of Utah and is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst. He received an Honorary Doctorate from Cornish College of the Arts and the Outstanding Service Award from the National High School Dance Festival.

Right Now_RodneyZaguryValerie Green has been an active dancer, choreographer and teacher in the New York City dance community since 1995. She created her own company, Dance Entropy in 1998, adding a permanent company home called Green Space in 2005. Green Space serves the dance community by providing an affordable and welcoming environment for rehearsals, classes, and performances.   To date, Valerie has created 28 dances and 7 evening-length works. Her choreography has been seen throughout NYC and has also toured to throughout the US. Internationally, she has taught and performed in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, India, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Guatamala and Canada. As a guest artist, Valerie has received commissions from Texas State University, BITEF Theater in Belgrade, Serbia, and Theater Alternativa in Tirana, Albania.  She has also taught at the UNLV, Texas State, LaGuardia Community College, University of Nanterre, France, and at the Faculty of Drama & Art in Belgrade, Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Valerie’s choreographic work and teaching style is influenced by her formative years working with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, her certification in Body/Mind Fitness and her undergraduate work at University of Wisconsin-Madison.   Please visit

me beach 7ArVejon Jones is from Compton, CA and spent his early years dancing in the Los Angeles area. While living there, he performed for the Make A Wish Foundation, Fox News, and various other televised events. He later attended college at San Francisco State University, where he received a BA in Dance and a minor in Japanese language. He has danced professionally and toured with many major dance companies in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. He is currently on a 20-city tour with Sean Dorsey Dance, one of the only LGBTQ activist dance companies in the U.S. invested in telling LGBTQ stories and experiences. He comes from a variety of backgrounds including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Dunham Technique, Afro Haitian, Horton Technique, Limon Technique, Theater, and Improvisation. He has been award various scholarships while training in San Francisco, including Norinna Miller Scholarship to study at Alonzo King LINES Dance Center, Robert Moses Kin Summer Intensive Scholarship, and the Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive for Contemporary Dance. He has recently relocated to Rhode Island with his partner, who is pursuing a PhD at Brown University.

CathyNicoliCathy Nicoli, Assistant Professor of Dance and Performance Studies at Roger Williams University, received her MFA in Dance at Smith College on a teaching fellowship. She is a Certified Movement Analyst and Bartenieff Fundamentals (TM) teacher, and is trained by the Mark Morris Dance Company to teach dance to Parkinson’s populations. She was Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at Hampshire College (2005-2008), co-artistic director of Groundwerx Dance Theatre, an original member of elephant JANE dance, and director of Bearnstow’s art and nature camp for children. She is a two-time recipient of both the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts’ Choreography Award and the Rhode Island Foundation’s Joseph Cirino Scholarship for Arts Education. She has performed her choreography at the Kennedy Center, London’s National Theater, and in Ben Folds Five’s MTV video Underground – of which she was assistant choreographer and dancer.

RosePasquarelloRose Pasquarello Beauchamp, (dance artist, somatic educator, filmmaker, activist) holds a BFA in Performing Arts/Dance from Emerson College and an MFA in Choreography from California Institute of the Arts. She is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA) which has rooted all of her teaching and artistic work in somatics and body awareness. As the Artistic Director of inFluxdance and Co-Artistic Director of 83 paperbirds, her full-length work has been featured in various cities internationally including Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and Mexico.  Rose’s creative interests lie in integrating dance, theater, design, and media while her scholarly interests lie in the area of social change and somatics.  Currently, Rose is serving as Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the School of Dance at Dean College where she teaching Compositions, Contemporary Technique, Somatics and Dance Studies.  She is also the new Director of the Movement Exchange in Pawtucket, RI, where she has the opportunity to facilitate innovative work in the Providence Dance/Art Community.

photo-1Jessica T. Pearson is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Rhode Island College. She holds an MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder where she studied dance performance and pedagogy. Prior to graduate school she was a senior member and assistant rehearsal director of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in Denver, CO. Preceding Rhode Island College, she was the inaugural recipient of the Raymond C. Morales Fellowship for the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah in 2012. There she was invited to develop a course in the Ethnic Studies Department and won Utah Regional Ballet’s 2013 Choreography Design Project. She has been invited to teach at Ballet West Summer Intensive, numerous dance studios and taught overseas for two years.

Race 4Lisa Race is an Associate Professor of Dance at Connecticut College, where she has lived since 2004.  She received a Bessie in 1995 as a member of David Dorfman Dance (1989-2000).  In 2013, she and son Samson were guest performers in DDD’s “Come & Back Again” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  Her work has been seen at Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project, Movement Research at the Judson Church, among other NYC venues.  In more recent years Race and company have performed at The Yard (MA), Wesleyan University, Rhode Island College, Roger Williams University, Connecticut College, the CT Dance Exchange at the Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven, DancenowNYC and the Construction Co(NYC).  Race was the recipient of a grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism in 2009.  She has given workshops and/or made dances at many destinations around the country and beyond, including ImpulsTanz (Austria), Kalamata Festival (Greece), France, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, Argentina, as well as Bates and ADF Dance Festivals.  Race has collaborated with Shawn Hove on two dance films, Folded and Stone Memory. Folded has been screened at the Sans Souci Festival, Dance For Reel, and Light Moves Festival of Screendance (Ireland).

maree_garret_jones_12Maree ReMalia currently lives between Washington, DC and Middlebury, Vermont. Through her work, she aims to create environments where people from a broad range of identities, abilities, and histories can share their backgrounds and perspectives in a supportive context and make new discoveries in playful and inquisitive ways. In 2014, her interdisciplinary work, The Ubiquitous Mass of Us, was named by The Examiner as one of “Pittsburgh’s Top 10 Contemporary Dance Performances.” Recently, her choreography has been commissioned by Gibney Dance DoublePlus Festival (NY) under the curation of Bebe Miller and has been presented in Cleveland, Denver, New York, Pittsburgh, Tel Aviv, and Daegu. Recent performance credits include Blaine Siegel and Jil Stifel’s Objects for Dance, Staycee Pearl dance project Playground, and appearances in the work of interdisciplinary artist, David Bernabo. She has danced in the work of Bebe Miller, Ohad Naharin, and Noa Zuk. She was previously a member of MegLouise Dance, MorrisonDance, the Richmond Ballet, and Southern Ballet Theatre. As an educator, Maree facilitates classes in Gaga, improvisation, and creative process in academic, conservatory, and community settings. She co-facilitates Soma/Gaga workshops with Mark Taylor and is a visiting teaching artist with Colorado Conservatory of Dance and Dreams of Hope Queer Youth Arts. In 2011, she completed her MFA in Dance at The Ohio State University and went on to earn her certification to teach the Gaga movement language through the first official Gaga Teacher Training program in Tel Aviv, Israel (2011-2012). She received her BA in Education for Social Change and Cultural Studies at Prescott College (AZ) and studied somatic and improvisational practices at Moving on Center School for Participatory Arts (CA). From 2015-2017, Maree has been selected as the Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer for Middlebury College Movement Matters Residency.

The Lion and the Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty and the Beast Presented by Real Live Theatre
Oct 3 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Lion and the Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty and the Beast Presented by Real Live Theatre
Real Live Theatre tours their celebrated original play “The Lion & The Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty & the Beast” to venues throughout the Northeast, making their Rhode Island debut at AS220’s Blackbox.
Follow Sarah (cursed into a lioness) and Faerie (the one who cursed her) as they entangle themselves in the life of a contemporary, American, down-on-its-luck traveling circus (including a Clown, a Juggler, a Wire Walker, a Ringmaster Lion-Tamer, and the Porter). Experience poetry, obscenity, and magic. Witness the power of choice and the redemptive force of love.
Tickets are $15, and available at via Brown Paper Tickets, or at the door.
Mature Content, Not Intended For Children.”
The direct link to our Brown Paper Tickets event:
Traditional Irish Music Session @ AS220 Bar & FOO(D)
Oct 3 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Hosted by Jimmy and Hannah Devine with Mark Roberts, Andrea Cooper, Teddi Scobi and Friends!

Every Saturday (except for the first Saturday of the month) from 4-7pm at the bar at AS220!

No cover charge!

A full menu of food and beverage will be available, so come in for a pint or make this your regular spot for dinner while enjoying some of the best traditional Irish music around!

The Lion and the Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty and the Beast Presented by Real Live Theatre
Oct 3 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Lion and the Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty and the Beast Presented by Real Live Theatre
Real Live Theatre tours their celebrated original play “The Lion & The Clown: A Rumi Lovesong for Beauty & the Beast” to venues throughout the Northeast, making their Rhode Island debut at AS220’s Blackbox.
Follow Sarah (cursed into a lioness) and Faerie (the one who cursed her) as they entangle themselves in the life of a contemporary, American, down-on-its-luck traveling circus (including a Clown, a Juggler, a Wire Walker, a Ringmaster Lion-Tamer, and the Porter). Experience poetry, obscenity, and magic. Witness the power of choice and the redemptive force of love.
Tickets are $15, and available at via Brown Paper Tickets, or at the door.
Mature Content, Not Intended For Children.”
The direct link to our Brown Paper Tickets event:
Thought Broadcasting: Images of Psychosis in Media @ AS220 Media Arts
Oct 3 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Media Arts Lecture Series: Travis Martin
Thought Broadcasting:
Images of Psychosis in Media

This talk will focus on the problematic history of the psychiatric disorder, schizophrenia, and the media which influences, shapes, and comments upon it. Particular attention will be paid to the ways that the media has depicted people living with schizophrenia, who all too often are portrayed as dangerous, unstable, and/or socially maladjusted. The talk will also consider the social construction of the schizophrenia diagnosis, and how it has been developed in the context of an increasingly-media-saturated culture.

Travis Martin is a Providence-based clinical social worker, writer, and filmmaker. He is the Co-Ordinator of Mental Health Services at CODAC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., in Providence. He has worked with people living with schizophrenia for the past 10 years.

RSVP on Facebook here.

AS220 Media Arts is located in the Mercantile building at 131 Washington Street Providence, Rhode Island, on the 2nd floor, #202. The entrance is at the back of the building on Lucie Way under the AS220 Labs sign. Parking is free after 6pm!

AS220 Media Arts Lecture Series is part of the AS220 Industries analog and digital media program. Visit AS220 Industries– the Community Printshop, Labs, and Media Arts to find out more about workshops, resources, and membership. Visit to learn more.

Oct 3 @ 9:00 pm – Oct 4 @ 1:00 am

MISSING EARTH (new band featuring most of the members of Swearin’)

LAIKA’S ORBIT (power pop from around here)

HEY HALLWAYS (san francisco power pop)

LONGINGS (western mass punk, new LP out now!)

CARB ON CARB (new zealand babes)

9PM $8


Improv Jones @ AS220 Black Box
Oct 3 @ 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The best improv comedy you can find.
Saturdays at 10:00.
95 Empire
Downtown Providence Rhode Island.
Tickets available at the door for only $5.00.

Core Workout with Daniel Shea @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 4 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Core Workout with Daniel Shea // Sundays @9-10am //only $5!
A gentle workout that uses floor barre, dance and training techniques to improve core strength, balance and flexibility. Bring a hand towel; dance shoes or bare feet. Open to everyone- no dance experience required.

Daniel Shea is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a dance and fitness instructor. Since training and fitness are his business ( he is passionate about form & discipline…but it has to be enjoyable and fun. Daniel has been dancing and teaching for over 30 years. He has studied dance at the – Joy of Movement Center (Boston), Pacific Ballet (San Francisco), Joe Tremaine Dance Center (Los Angeles), Stanley Holden School of Ballet (Los Angeles), Debbie Reynolds Studios (Los Angeles), MJDC Dance Studio (Rhode Island).

Beginner Ballet @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 4 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Beginner Ballet with Stephanie Albanese // Sundays @ 10:30-11:30am // $13 per class; $60 for 6 classes

If you’ve always wanted to try ballet, this class is for you. In this fundamentals-based class, students develop basic ballet vocabulary, strength and coordination. Stephanie’s deep knowledge of her craft combines with a warm, good-humored manner to create a comfortable yet challenging learning environment. This is the perfect class for people who have little or no ballet experience.

Stephanie Albanese is a graduate of The School of American Ballet where she studied with teachers Alexandra Danilova, Helen Dudin, Suki Shorer and Stanley Williams. She danced in a repertory company created by former New York City Ballet member Wilhelmina Frankurt. Stephanie has also danced with choreographers Matthew Brokoff, Marcus Galante, Mary Miller and Felice Lesser and also worked in Cabaret, performing at The Lido in Paris and Jubliee in Las Vegas.


Intermediate Ballet w/ Stephanie Albanese @ 95 Empire Dance Studio
Oct 4 @ 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Intermediate Ballet with Stephanie Albanese // Sundays @ 12:00-1:45pm // $13 per class; $60 for 6 classes

This ballet class makes classical dance a joy! The class focuses on fundamentals, beginning with a thorough warm up at the barre and progressing to the center for choreographed combinations.  Students build muscle as they refine body alignment and learn weight placement to develop coordination. Stephanie’s deep knowledge of her craft combines with a warm, good-humored manner to create a comfortable yet challenging learning environment. This is the perfect class for people who have some prior ballet experience.

Stephanie Albanese is a graduate of The School of American Ballet where she studied with teachers Alexandra Danilova, Helen Dudin, Suki Shorer and Stanley Williams. She danced in a repertory company created by former New York City Ballet member Wilhelmina Frankurt. Stephanie has also danced with choreographers Matthew Brokoff, Marcus Galante, Mary Miller and Felice Lesser and also worked in Cabaret, performing at The Lido in Paris and Jubliee in Las Vegas.


Counter-Productions Theatre Company presents a staged reading of Le Dernier Repas(A Love Story) by David Eliet @ AS220's Blackbox
Oct 4 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Counter-Productions Theatre Company presents a staged reading of Le Dernier Repas(A Love Story) by David Eliet @ AS220's Blackbox

Counter-Productions Theatre Company is proud to present a staged reading of “Le Dernier Repas(A Love Story) by Providence playwright, David Eliet.
AS220’s Black Box
95 Empire Street, Providence, RI
October 4th at 7:00pm
For information go to:

The Empire Revue Presents: The Surprise Show! @ AS220 Main Stage
Oct 4 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Empire Revue Presents: The Surprise Show! 

The Sparkling Beatniks always strive to amaze you, and this month it’s our main goal to just straight up surprise and delight you in every way we can think of!

We don’t want to give too much away or we’ll ruin the surprise!!

Led as always by the electrifying Keith Munslow and the stunning Superchief Trio, join us for an evening full of unpredictable and wondrous diversions.

Tickets available at

Check our Facebook page to let everyone know you’re coming, and to see what guests we’re having!

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance with Betsy Miller // Mondays @6:30-8:00pm // $13 per class; $60 for 6 classes

This is a contemporary release technique with a solid base in ballet. Class begins with a full-bodied warm-up designed to activate the core and connect breath with movement while finding anatomically efficient pathways. Structured improvisations and set exercises explore dynamics, weight shifts, and flow to develop a quick mind and a listening body. Class finishes with a vigorous, high-energy dance phrase.  Students will be encouraged to explore, take risks, and develop as versatile technicians. For intermediate and advanced dancers of all ages.

Stretch & Strength @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 6 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Stretch & Strength with Angie Hartley // Tuesdays @ 5:30-6:30 // $13 drop-in/ $10 class package

This one hour fitness class brings the joy of aerobic dance movement and other somatic practices to athletic training. Using the fundamentals of Pilates, yoga and dance, this class promises a total body workout to build long, lean muscles and increase flexibility. All fitness levels welcome! Leave your sneakers at the door!

Angie Hartley is a dancer, choreographer and teacher.  She received her BA from Keene State College in Theater and Dance and has since showed work and performed at the American Dance Festival, and in Boston, Providence and South Korea. She is certified to teach elementary school in New Hampshire and Rhode Island and recently completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Kripalu School of Yoga.  She is thrilled to share embodied awareness with movers of all abilities and backgrounds.

photo Relja Kojik

photo Relja Kojik

Open Life Drawing @ AS220
Oct 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Open Life Drawing – Drop-in: 6pm-8:30pm – $6
Bring your own drawing materials, we supply seats and model.

We are always looking for new models, please inquire at:

Intermediate Ballet w/ Betsy Miller @ AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
Oct 6 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Intermediate Ballet with Betsy Miller// Tuesdays @ 7-8:30pm // $13 per class; $60 for 6 classes

Classical ballet with an anatomical approach and an emphasis on the joy of movement! This class is designed to build on ballet basics and introduce more advanced movement vocabulary and complex combinations, while approaching the form through a clear understanding of body mechanics. Come discover how to use your body safely and efficiently to create both clarity and expressivity in your dancing.

Betsy MillerBetsy Miller is a dance artist and educator currently based in Providence, RI. She has trained in the Vaganova, Cecchetti, RAD, and Bournonville styles, and combines elements of each along with a somatic approach to ballet.  Her choreography has been presented in New York, Ohio, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Texas, and she has received funding from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the City of Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and The Ohio State University. She has performed with Lostwax Multimedia Dance, Fusionworks Company and shove gently dance, and has recently appeared in works by Kathleen Hermesdorf, Heidi Henderson, Terry Creach, Doug Varone, Pascal Rioult, Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Rachel Boggia, Stephanie Turner, and Deb Meunier. Betsy serves as the Dance Coordinator of AS220. She is on faculty at Providence College, Dean College, and AS220, and regularly teaches as a guest artist throughout New England and beyond. Betsy holds an MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University and a BA in Dance from Connecticut College.



Oct 6 @ 9:00 pm – Oct 7 @ 1:00 am

learn to roll dough through the money wiggly PSYCHIC READINGS at 9:00 PM TUESDAY OCTOBER 666 $6






supported, paid for, and sponsored by

Sonny Vincent, Zin Vetro, M.O.T.O, and The Worried @ AS220 Main Stage
Oct 6 @ 9:30 pm – Oct 7 @ 1:00 am


’77 NYC Punk Legend Sonny Vincent of the notorious CBGB’s /Max’s band ‘Testors’ will be bringing his special brand of drama and destruction to the AS220 !
Read what a hardened, tough, DC journalist has to say-
“I generally keep my distance from “living legends,” especially of the punk variety; all too often, what saunters feebly onto the stage is some skag-addled CB’s casualty looking to cash in on past notoriety. An exception should be made, though, for Sonny Vincent. He’s a true original….. complete with jet-black hair, anvil burns, and a black leather jacket. During his long and tempestuous career, Vincent—leader of the late-’70s New York punk band ‘Testors’— has played with such punk luminaries as the Stooges’ Scott “Rock Action” Asheton, the Damned’s Captain Sensible, Hüsker Dü’s Greg Norton, and late Replacement Bob Stinson, among others.
 All this, of course, wouldn’t mean shit if the songs sucked. But the tunes are great, Vincent sings as if his (and your) life depended on it, and each and every damn guitar solo reminds you why you loved rock ‘n’ roll in the first place.”- Michael Little- Washington City Paper
Recently  (last June) Sonny played the sold out Max’s Kansas City 50th Anniversary show in NYC… His career spans from the primordial early 70s shows with Testors to nine years playing with Maureen “Moe” Tucker and Sterling Morrison of The Velvet Underground to his 30+ album solo Career!
He is currently touring supporting 3 recent  album releases. All three reviewed to  critical acclaim ‘ Best of the year’. Spiteful was recorded with Rat Scabies “The Damned”, Glen Matlock “Sex Pistols” and Steve Mackay ” Iggy And The Stooges”… Also just released is Vintage Piss recorded with Rocket From The Crypt!!! Join us for a night of mayhem, and real Rock n Roll !!!
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Live Arts Venues

Main Stage:
The AS220 Main Stage hosts over ten events a week and is a 200 capacity performance venue and gallery space. The venue contains 4 powered main speakers, three monitors, in house compression and efx, projection / dvd capabilities, and a 6 foot screen. A full inventory can be viewed here.  While the Main Stage hosts a wide array of artistic programming, it primarily is used as a concert venue. It is located at 115 Empire Street.


Black Box:
The Black Box is an extremely versatile 90 capacity performance theatre. It has a surround sound system, Subwoofer, digital projector with 8′ X 12′  screen, and full theatrical lighting. The space focuses on theatrical and dramatic works and encourages users to customize the space to suit the needs of their production. The Black Box is on the first floor of 95 Empire Street.


Dance Studio:
The dance studio hosts regular dance, yoga, and fitness classes and is available for rental for rehearsals and private instruction. The Dimensions of the marley floored room are  28′ X 42′ and it is equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, an easy to operate sound system and sunlight!

Dance Studio image

Psychic Readings:
Psychic Readings is an intimate and mysterious multi-purpose room. It has a capacity of 45, but also has an “Annex Room” which moonlights as an art gallery. Psychic Readings is run in conjunction with the AS220 Artists in Residence on the third floor of the Empire Street building.